Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is Mitt Romney a viable republican candidate for 2012

Romney appears to be the most viable candidate for 2012
It's way too early to be endorsing any candidate, yet I think this is a good time to research and do a little write up on all the potential candidates so we can make an educated decision. The first candidate on my list is Mitt Romney.

Romney is being written off by some because of Romneycare.  A majority of republicans hate Obamacare and want it overturned, and they're afraid Romney won't do it.  Yet this isn't the case at all.

Romney has even noted himself that he is opposed to Obamacare.  So in stating this is he a hypocrite.  No.  The reason I say no is because it's unconstitutional for the federal government to mandate healthcare on the masses.  This is so because of the 10th amendment which states that anything not mentioned in the constitution is left to the states and people to decide.

Since healthcare is not mentioned in the constitution it's up to the states to decide.  Obama ignored the constitution in passing obamacare.  Yet Mitt Romney did not.  So you can agree or disagree with the premise of Romneycare, yet it's not unconstitutional.

In fact, the founding fathers worded the constitution as such for a reason.  In a sense it's masterful wording.  It allows for the states to experiment, but not the Federal government.  If the fed experiments and the experiment goes bad, the entire country suffers.  If a state experiments and the experiment goes bad, only the state suffers.

On the other hand, if the state experiments and the experiment is a success, other states might want to follow suit.  This was part of the genius of the constitution.

So the fact Romney created Romneycare in Massachusetts is not grounds not to vote for Romney for president.

Another qualm people have about Romney is that he has flip-flopped on many issues.  This shouldn't be an issue because he ran for governor in a liberal state, so he had to give on some issues.  I see no problem with someone coming to their sense, doing their homework, or changing their minds.

Besides, FDR ran as a conservative in 1932 and he ultimately flip flopped by becoming one of the most liberal presidents in the history of  America.  Obama did the same.  So flip flopping is not an issue with me when it comes to Mr. Romney.

Romney's strength is his professionalism and his experience.  Of all the candidates he appears to be the most presidential.  He also has executive experience, and historically governors tend to be the better candidates.  Likewise, he was the leader of a business and is an expert on how to run a business and how to manage the economy.

So it makes sense that Mitt Romney will be a viable president who will probably take one or two of the other candidates along for a long ride.  Whether he wins or not may come down on how he does in the early states, whether or not he makes a gaffe, or whether or not one of the other candidates takes us by storm -- like Newt perhaps.

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