Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can Romney get women to vote for him?

I was looking at this statistic that showed 91 percent of jobs lost were women.  I think this is interesting because at the same time we get poll numbers that shows women prefer Obama to Romney by a 53 to 37 margin.

So the way this looks is that the women who lost their jobs are now receiving a free check from Obama and, therefore, prefer him so they can keep getting their checks.  But that's a bunch of poppycock.  That's just people talking.

Yet the evidence shows that Obama's economy has hurt women more than men,  yet so far he's convinced enough of them to continue to support him over Romney.

The truth is that polls in April don't matter.  Ronald Reagan came out of the primary season trailing women by a similar margin, and he took women in the regular election.  So what happens in April will not necessarily show what's going to happen in the general election.

Like Romney, Ronald Reagan wasn't even the most popular person in his own party.  Yet when the election came around, not only did his own party support him, so did a majority of Americans.  He won in the largest landslide in general election history.

Reagan won because the people, the voters, knew the significance of voting for Reagan as opposed to another term of Carter.  They knew Carter means more failure, more job losses, and voting for Reagan meant an opportunity to turn things around.

It's the same, I think, right now.  People are smart enough to know that Obama has created the change he ran on, and that change has made our country worse not better.  The people see unemployment and economic trends since Obama has been elected, and they know four more years of him will continue to compound the problem.

People are not stupid.  Given the choice in November, and unless Romney says or does something really stupid, the people should see that the best choice for America, the best choice for jobs, the best choice for defense or freedom, is Mitt Romney.

In the meantime, Romney needs to stop talking about women in the 2nd person. He needs to stop getting side tracked by the media, particularly in their chanting about a gender gap.  It's normal for women to vote for democrats, as even John Kerry took the female vote in 2004.

 He needs to stop saying things like (paraphrasing):  "Women are most concerned about the economy."  He needs to show women what he will do when he's president, not just tell us.  He needs to focus on what he will do to help all Americans, which shouldn't be hard to do given Obama's record.

There is plenty of time to change the opinion of women, if in fact the current ABC poll is accurate that women prefer Obama.  By affirming strong conservative values, Romney can convince enough people to vote for him in November, including women.

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