Thursday, April 12, 2012

Obamacare is a tax

One of the reasons I sought extra hard to get a college education and a good job is because I have asthma and NEEDED good health insurance.  In this way, employer based health insurance was my incentive to get off my lazy butt and get a job.  On the contrary, I have many friends and relatives who are healthy, young and fit and don't need health insurance.  They have no incentive to purchase health insurance, and by the American way, they don't have to.

Yet Obamacare, which is set to jump into action in 2014, will change all this.  People with health issues who NEED health insurance will no longer have the incentive I did, and people who are fit and healthy will be forced by law to buy health insurance. 

This is bad, I think, because I think incentives are what make the economy sound.  When a person has an incentive to get off their but, whatever it is, they are more inclined to get off their butts.  While it was hard back in 1994 to get off my butt, pressure from my dad to get off his insurance and onto my own is actually what lead me to becoming an RT.  In retrospect, I'm thankful for that pressure to get off the couch. 

There are an estimated 20-40 million people who don't have health insurance.  That number sways depending on who you ask, so I'll make the range so high.  Many of my friends have no incentive to get healthcare, and they have no need for it.  So they choose not to spend $30,000 a year on health insurance.  They are uninsured on purpose.  I'm not sure the statistics, but I bet half the 20-40 million are purposely uninsured.  They are uninsured by choice.  They choose not to spend the money. 

So, there are those -- like Rush Limbaugh -- who purport (as he described here) that liberals who run the government were unhappy about this.  They think that every American should pay his fair share, and there way to make this happen was to create Obamacare and force it on the people.  So Obamacare, as Rush purports, is not about healthcare at all, but about taxing all those people who refused to buy healthcare.  It's a way of making more people pay more taxes so that money can be redistributed to those who can't afford healthcare.

It's a way to tax employers who don't want to provide coverage.  That's what it's all about, according to these folks.  Obamacare is a 2,700 page tax code.  And it's for this reason the IRS is involved in running this thing.  If you do't pay $30,000 a year in healthcare, perhaps $30,000 you can't afford, then the IRS will be after you.  It's a tax.  The IRS enforces taxes.  Just think of Obamacare as a tax.  It's a tax under another name. It's a lie.

The government wants money from people who don't want to buy healthcare, and it wants money from businesses who don't want to pay for healthcare for workers.  The government, meaning Obama and the democrats, want this money becasue these people think they know how to better spend this money than you do.  Democrats think they are smarter than us, and that's why they like taxs so much.  Obamacare is a tax, pure and simple. 

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