Thursday, July 12, 2012

Supremes redefine tax, make Obamacere law

So the Supreme Court has redefined the definition of tax.  Not only can the U.S. government tax what you purchase or own, it can now tax what you do not purchase or own.  Consider the slippery slope on this:

1.  The government decided it's not fair that young, healthy men were "free riding" the healthcare system and not purchasing healthcare:  Make those pay a tax who do not buy healthcare.

2.  The government decides CO2 emissions are destroying the planet:  Make them pay a tax who do not filter CO2.

3.  The government decides those who eat too much salt are costing the government too much money:  Make those who do not eat no salt pay a tax.

4.  The government decides those who don't drive aren't paying their fair share of taxes:  Make those who don't drive pay a tax for not driving.

5.  The government decides Big Macs are a burden on healthcare: Make those who don't not eat healthy foods pay a tax.

6.  The government decides we use too much energy:  Make a law taxing people for not keeping their heaters below 65 degrees.

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