Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Christians and Muslims at peace?

It very well could be that the Muslim religion is a religion of peace.  Yet if this is so, then why has no high official of the religion stoof up and said that those Muslims who speak bad about western nations, who with Americans and Jews would die, who are terrorists and terroroze,  and kill Christians and Jews, are radical Muslims.  Where are the Muslim leaders who speak out and say that radicals don't represent the common view of their religion. 

Personally I'm a Christians and I'm ignorant of any other religion.  I do not, however, wish harm on those who do not believe what I believe in.  And I imagine most Christians are the same way (or so one would hope).  I have never heard of any modern Christians becoming terrorists and blowing up Muslim temples. 

My point here is two fold: 

1.  I pray that everyone could just get along.  It doesn't matter what religion you are, so long as you respect your fellow men and women.

2.  I pray for leaders of the Muslim religion to speak out against radicals in their own religion.  Everyone will benefit as a result, and we can all be at peace, with a unified goal of ending terrorism. 

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