Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The plight of West Virginians

Coal powers the world economy.  Yet burning it emits CO2.  So Obama promised to make it hard to burn coal.  He wants to make it so if you can build a coal plant, but if you do so you will be taxed so heavily you won't make a profit.

It's funny that Obama says this, and he wonders why no one wants to, no West Virginians, want to go to the 2012 Presidential Convention.  Coal is the biggest industry in that state, and he pretty much proposes, or has to an extent, put these good folks out of work.  So why would they want to celebrate him and vote him for re-election.  They'd be voting themselves out of a job.

Obama is an authoritative president.  He is a dictator.  He even showed his power when he granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants (something that I'm not against but want to be done legally), by ignoring Congress.  He waved his magic wand and there it was:  a new law.

So Obama has given himself the power to eliminate the coal industry, so why in the world would West Virginians want to vote him in for re-election.  I surmise a convention in this state is an attempt to convince these good people they no longer need to work so they can be on His dole and therefore HAVE to vote democrat to keep their checks.

My bet is West Virginia will go to Mitt Romney in 2012.

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