Monday, November 12, 2012

Republicans must not give up on principle

I really haven't been doing much writing about politics lately, yet I've still been paying attention to what's been going on.  And one of the things that frustrates me lately is that when democrats lose elections they don't go around saying they need to change what they believe in in order to win the next election.

When democrats lose elections they don't say they are going to start being pro life.  They don't say they are going to give up on giving amnesty to illegal aliens.  They don't say they are going to give into the myth that tax increases generate revenue.  They don't do that.  The do the opposite.  They support their candidate. 

I have been hearing republicans doing the exact opposite.  I've heard republicans say that they are going to have to cater to the Mexican vote by supporting amnesty.  I've heard republicans say they are going to have to cater to women more by giving up on pro life. 

Yet doing those things would  be giving up on principle.  And the whole point of being a conservative is we are running on the principles we stand for.  You don't believe in life and then run on a ticket that doesn't believe in life.  That would be what the democrats do.  Republicans run on principle and principles do not change. 

So my advice to republicans and conservatives is to continue doing what you have always done.  Do not give in on your principles just because you lost an election, and a close election by the way.  We came this close to winning back the White House. Giving up on pronciple is not the way to move forward. 

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