Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Have Unions outlived their purpose?

When unions were formed there was a need for them.  There were greedy, rich people who took advantage of people of all ages, including kids, to make money.  There were poor working conditions, poor wages, and major safety concerns.  Unions made working conditions much better for workers.

There are few ways working conditions can get better for workers.  In fact, it seems that unions have outlived their purpose to the extent what they do is actually making working conditions worse.  For example, they have forced American corporations to give them wages and benefits they can't afford.

This results in less profits for these corporations, and fewer jobs created.  Obviously you should not be taken advantage of, you should be adequately paid, get adequate benefits, but not at the expense of other people getting jobs. 

Unions are actually costing jobs.  Because of unions, many businesses go out of country to build factories and hire workers, because they don't have to pay regulations and don't have to deal with unions.  Auto workers, after benefits, get nearly $50 an hour in the U.S. In China, it's less than $20. 

Unions say they are about protecting wages, benefits and jobs.  But if that were the case, they wouldn't be petitioning bosses to raise wages and benefits to the point those businesses have no money left to run a business.  These unions pretty much caused Chrysler to go bankrupt, and GM to nearly go bankrupt.  It caused both to requrie a bailout by the government to stay in business, to basically pay union wages and benefits. 

The whole purpose of claiming to want to make things better for workers (better wages, better working conditions, better benefits) is now just a ruse used by unions to convince people they are needed.  It's a ruse to gain the sympathy of voters for downtrodden union members. It's a ruse to get money from people who are forced to join them.

The unions are tied to the democratic party.  Democrats can't write themselves checks, but if they support unions, unions will write checks to democrats.  This is how democrats continue to get so much campaign money, it's from the union leaders.  You have the SEIU, the UAW and the teachers union, all supporting democrats and democratic causes. 

Unions were made to protect the little guy, and now they still claim to be for the little, working class guy who can't fight for himself.  Yes, he needs the union to protect him.  That used to be what uinons were for, and now unions use that only as a ruse to get money. 

The purpose for unions now is to protect the corporation, the rich guys at the top, at the top of the unions I mean.  By protecting unions, they're able to support democratic causes by doling out checks and convincing people democrats are right. 

The unions say they support the worker of the sweat shops, per se.  And they claim republicans are the evil rich guys who own the sweatshops who don't care about the workers.  Republicans hate unions because unions make it so republicans don't make as much money.  Democrats love unions because they get union money. 

And people continue to support unions because of the ruse that unions are protecting the down trodden, the hard working, the working man who's just out to make a living to support himself, his wife, and his kids (or her kids, if you want me to be politically correct I have to add both sexes now, even though by writing "he" and "men" for the past 500 years we mean men, or human beings, or the human race.  "All men are created equal" was meant to represent both sexes, not just men.  Although most history teachers convince our kids otherwise.) 

So let's define some union terms. 

Right to work:  You get a job without being forced to join a union. You can get a job without being forced to pay union dues. 

Unions:  Their main agenda is not about jobs, not about wages, and not about benefits.  They are about making sure every person working for the corporation has to join, and has to pay union dues.  The dues are therefore used to lobby liberal causes. 

Union duesA money laundering operation where money is taken from union workers and used to lobby liberal causes. 

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