Monday, December 17, 2012

We must not let defeat, evil people change us

So I'm reading the news this morning and see that Obama has addressed the Connecticut massacre with tears and concern, as do most of us.  He said:  "We can't tolerate this anymore... we must change."

What happened in Connecticut last week was a tragedy.  Yet it does not mean the U.S. has to change, as Obama has suggested.  If the U.S. changes, then the killer wins, because that's exactly what he wanted.

Liberals think they can somehow perfect the world, and get rid of all bad guys. They think by getting rid of all legal access to guns people will miraculously somewhow be at peace.  Yet he forgets there was a time before guns, when people killed with knives and spears. 

It seems liberals like Obama try to take advantage of every horrifying event to push forthe their agenda, like controlling guns.  When bad happens they use it to try to instigate some kind of change.  And change to a democrat means conservatives must do things their way, meaning gun laws.  Gun laws that take away freedom. 

What we must do, instead, is continue to march forward, fighting for freedom.  We must continue to march forward, enjoying our freedom.  We must continue to march forward, loving and hugging our children at every opportunity we get.  We must not give in and cater.  We must not panic and make new rules that take away freedom.  We must march on.

There was a picture of the guns used by the shooter on Facebook.  The words under read: "These are available at Walmart.  Do we really need these."  No, we don't.  I don't.  You don't.  Yet there are people who make them, people who sell them, and people who buy them.  Who are you, who am I, to decide what can and can't be made and sold on the market. 

If we want to change something, we should change our value system.  I say this because there were the same number of guns 50 years ago and you didn't hear about a mass murder like this every year.  It was because values have changed.

If we raise god fearing kids who believe in something other than ipods and facebook, other than their own personal interests, they'll think twice about what they do.  People who believe in God and satan think twice.  Yet we're not allowed to teach about God in the so called "public schools."

Guns are just as deadly as they ever have been, and people of the past had a guilty conscience due to values inculcated by society and didn't do something this horrific and stupid.

You have politicians out there saying, "We've got to do something."  Well, suppose you got rid of all the guns in the world.  Suppose guns were never invented.  So say guns were never invented and we go back to 1926 in Bath township in Michigan.  Thirty eight children died that day, and seven adults.  That was another horrible attack on an elementary school.  It was horrific and everyone will agree that it was.  Yet even if there were no guns, that attack would not have been stopped.  It wouldn't have been stopped because guns weren't used, dynamite was. 

Yes, these are scary times.  It's scary in more ways than one.  Yet we must not let defeat control what we do.  We must not let defeat control who we are and what we stand for.  We must march on.  We must rise, not fall.  And, let it be said here, with each new law we fall further. 

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