Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm done being a nice guy

One of the things I'm tired of doing is being a nice guy.  I'm tired of not telling liberals my political views for not wanting to hurt their feelings.  I think most conservatives have been this way the past several years, while democrats have done the opposite.  So their word gets out, and ours does not.  I think that many conservatives are realizing that now.  We are pissed.  We are upset that Romney didn't tell the truth about Obama, and do it in a more aggressive fashion.  So, since the election, I have been more open with my political views.  When the opportunity presents itself, I state the truth.  I don't care anymore if people like me or not.  I think it's bad to have a political view and to just keep it to yourself, or people who agree with you and want to hear what you say.  No, I'm not being a nice guy anymore.  If people can't handle the truth, too bad.  I'm done being nice.

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