Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wisdom can convert a liberal to conservative

Here is an email sent to me from a friend of mine who used to be a liberal:
Yes, john.   I was a liberal even after daddy and I were married.   I learned you can't listen to what other people say you have to ask yourself, do I really believe this.   What do I believe?      Liberals aren't what they used to be.      A lot of what you all say is just common sense.   (don't think I spelled sense right)   there's a   lot I don't know, I'm not even as smart as you kids..   There's some good things, even O'bama isn't all bad.  but I have to say,  I really think Romney could have turned the economy around.
That person is my mother.  

I disagree with my mother on one thing here: that liberals have changed.  Liberals have not changed, democrats have.  I wrote back:

Wow, mom, I must have missed this email. So you pretty much took the same path as Ronnie Reagan.  

Here's a little history about the progressive movement:

One thing I'd like to note, however, is that I think some people get liberal confused with democrat.  There is a difference.  Liberal is a faction.   Liberals have never changed, they used to be called progressives.  I have read about ten books about the history of the progressive movement, and it's to take baby steps to change our constitution, because that's the only way they can get their agenda passed.  Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR were the first progressive presidents.  Actually, much of Stalin's agenda was copied from Woodrow Wilson.  Only the Constitution stopped Wilson, and Stalin didn't have a Constitution to stop him.  Actually, when FDR was president was when the word progressive became a bad word, and FDR changed it to liberal (due to the socialism scare).  So for a while liberal was a good new movement.  Now I think the word has gotten out that liberal is the same as progressive (socialism), and people don't seem to care (as evident by Obama being re-elected).    After JFK was assassinated, liberals took over the democratic party.  That's about the time Ronald Reagan switched from being a democrat to a republican.  JFK was actually a very conservative president as a democrat.  

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