Thursday, March 21, 2013

Media wants Pope, republicans to modernize

The media wants the Pope and republicans to modernize.  By modernize they mean they want the Pope and republicans to accept what they, liberals, think is important in the culture, in the pop culture. They want republicans and the Pope to give up on their tradition, their conservative views, and accept liberalism.

They wanted a young Pope so they could, hopefully, get the chages out of the Church they desired.  They wanted support for gay marriage, contraception, and abortion.  They want the Church and republicans to support these things because society has realized that gay people deserve equal marriage rights, and most people, even Catholics, use contraceptives.  They think most people accept abortion as the choice of the woman, so the Catholic Church and republilcans should cave. 

The media believes the republicans are being old, fuddy duddy when it comes to amnesty.  They believe that these people are here, they are being good, productive members of our society, so they should be given the choice to become citizens.  They want republicans to give up on principle. 

Some republilcans have caved. Some republicans have said the party needs to change in many ways, and just accept that the world is changing and there is nothing they can do about it.  Yet I've always been a supporter of the view that principles never change; poeple change, but principles never do.

And for this reason I am happy the Church selected an conservative, old fuddy duddy as Pope.  I also pray the republican party is as rock solid and stubborn as the Catholic Church. 

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