Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reblicans need to cater to the whole, not groups

Romney lost in 2012 because he didn't take my advice and make a stand for ALL of America.  He didn't use the old method of saying he will make life better for ALL Americans.  He didn't say things like Ronald Reagan did when he said, "I rising ship lifts all boats."  Instead, he catered to groups of people.  That's why he lost.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again:  the problem with republicans is they try to be like democrats and cater to groups.  They try to cater to women.  They try to cater to African Americans.  They try cater to Hispanics.  They try to cater to homosexuals.  They cater to people who own businesses. They try to cater to those on welfare.  They try to cater to the rich.  They try to cater to the poor.

Get my drift.  That's not what presidential candidates of the past did; they did not try to separate Americans into little groups; they treated all Americans as one.  We are a united country; a melting pot per se.  We are not a salads, we are a melting pot.  Salad particles aren't untied and strong; amalgamates ARE united and strong.  Salads fall apart and crumple, amalgamates of metal are strong and powerful and last forever.

The reason Romney lost was not because he didn't draw in enough Hispanic voters, because to do so he would have had to receive 73% of the Hisptanic vote, and the highest republicans have ever received was 43% in 2004 when Bush won.  So changing principles to support amnesty for aliens will not help republicans.  (1)

No! What republicans need to do to win in 2016 is to cater to ALL Americans, not groups.

Get it!


  1. York, Byron, "Winning Hispanic Vote would not be enough for GOP," The Examiner,, May 2, 2013

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