Monday, February 3, 2014

Is the polar vortex real?

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It turns out that 2014 is the coldest winter in recorded history in the United States. Where I live in Michigan the most snow we have ever gotten was 106 inches, and we are already there.  If you listen to the weather channel the cause of this bad winter is global warming.  They say it's the polar vortex?

The polar vortex is this thing environmentalists made up to prove to us that global warming is responsible for this cold weather.  They claim that the temperatures are so warm in the north pole that it is melting the polar caps.  Ironically, a bunch of environmentalist wackos went to the north pole recently to prove this, to prove there are fewer icebergs in the north pole, and they get stuck on an iceberg.  They don't get the hypocrisy of their actions.

Anyway, the global warming people created this thing called the polar vortex showing that the ice caps are melting and this is causing waves of cold air to rush across the globe making this the coldest winter in recorded history.  However, they fail to mention that last year was one of the warmest winters in recorded history, with the lowest amount of snow.  None of that matters to them, because facts don't matter.

The truth is, the reason it's cold in the winter time is that same reason it's always cold in the winter: it's winter.  In the inter the earth is closer to the sun, but it is at an angle, thus making it so sun rays take longer to get to the earth, thus causing winter. It has nothing to do with the polar vortex.

The polar vortex surely sounds good, but it's yet another myth created by people who want to convince us to let them tax and regulate us to support their myth. They make it look like a cold jet stream from the north pole is dipping down over the planet like it never did before.

How does it get down here?  That's the mystery.  It used to stay over the north pole, but now it's coming down to us by jet stream?  Why? They have no clue.  So to prove their theory, they made up the idea that we are causing it with all the stuff we do that causes global warming.  It's humans breathing and it's the stuff we let come out of factories. There's no evidence to any of this, but it sounds good to them so it just is.  If you argue with them you are in the wrong.

It's something they just made up.  If there is record cold coming from the north pole because the polar ice caps are melting, that means there is record cold in the north pole.  And if that is happening, how could the polar ice caps be melting.  It makes no sense.

Of course when you tell people there is no such thing as a polar vortex they say things like, "What?  Are you an idiot?"  I ask them to give me proof that there is such a thing, and they never offer any.  They just say, "They say there is, so there is?"  This is yet another reason why progress is so slow.  Even when the facts are ever so present, people choose to ignore them in lieu of myths that sound good.

Now, if you follow my blog, you know that I neither support nor deny theories.  I believe that the purpose of science is to doubt theories, not accept theories that have yet to be proven.  So, on that note, we will respect the myth, but we won't die by it either.

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