Friday, January 4, 2008

A strategy for peace in Iraq is vital to our security

As I have noted previously, the number one most important role of any president is to protect and defend our nation. As, with out a Strong military mite, the world would not be as safe as it is today.

Without our military mite, a nation like Iran wouldn't think twice about destroying Israel, or making a gallant effort at taking down the great western nations of Britain and the U.S.

In essence, whether you agree or not that the Iraq war was necessary in the first place, us keeping that nation stable has now become of vital importance to maintainer peace and stability in that region. And, if that region is secure, so too will be our nations.

Thus, the ultimate strategy of the Bush foreign policy is creatte a stable Iraq. Once a stable Iraqi democracy is formed, people of neighboring nation like Iran and Syria will see what it is like to live in freedom, and will wish to have that for themselves.

And, thus, the ultimate goal is a free and stable Middle East.

People who believe the U.S. and its allies should pull out of Iraq fail to see the big picture. They believe once we pull out, everything will by hunky dory.

I’m afraid that will not be the case, which is why our next president must not support a troop pull-out before a full blown democracy is created in Iraq that is stable and able to hold its own.

It is already documented that Iranians are supporting the insurgency. They are supporting it via military training, equipment and men. There is no doubting that they want, more than anything, the U.S. to pull out of Iraq.

The Iranians, like the anti-war crowd in the U.S., want the U.S. to lose this war.

The first thing that would happen if we pulled out, is Iran would swoop in and take over the unstable Iraq and create a super Iran. The purpose of this new nation would be to obtain a military mite and weapons necessary the complete the total annihilation of the non-Muslim world, starting with the destruction of Israel.

This is exactly what the U.S. and the U.N. tried to prevent with the first gulf war back in 1991.

Saddam’s goal back then was to create a super Iraq, obtain nuclear weapons, and, well, who knows what he would have done with that power.

Fortunately, we will never find out, because Bush 41 stopped Saddam in 1991.

But one thing we do know would have happened if Saddam would have succeeded in 1991, is Saddam would have had a big Middle East monopoly over oil. The result of that would have been oil prices that would have skyrocketed well over $3.00 a gallon, and more than likely, had a negative effect on the world’s economy.

Plus, Saddam would have been rich. He would have had the monies and the power to obtain the military and weaponry he wanted.

Want to know what would have happened then? Saddam would have made an attempt to destroy the non-Muslim world, starting with the destruction of Israel.

Okay, now let’s get back to 2007.

Once this Super Iran is created, the other terrorist nation over there (it’s called Syria), would ally itself with this new Super Iran in helping with the creation of nuclear weapons.

Since some people believe we should not stop Iran from developing nuclear power because they trust that Iran REALLY is just going to use this as a "source of energy," then chances are they are going to get a bomb. It’s inevitable.

The Iranians may say one thing, but they will produce nukes surreptitiously while the rest of the world looks the other way.

How do I know? Well, nobody can predict the future. But there was this sagacious person once who said, "History repeats itself."

It’s eerie how akin this situation is to what happened to North Korea in 1993. Bill Clinton and Jimmy carter negotiated a deal with Kim Jung Ill. As part of the deal, North Korea would not build nuclear weapons in exchange for the U.S. giving North Korea money to help feed North Korean’s people.

Through our hearts, we Americans can be naive at times. North Korea not only got our money, it had developed the nukes anyway.

Such naivety regarding this new Super Iran, or even the Iran as it is now, may result in a new Hitler like Nation pent on destroying (ahem) the Jews.

And, if I remember right, this situation I’m describing is also eerily akin to what happened in the 1930s when Winston Churchill warned the rest of the world that Hitler was up to something, and the rest of the world turned a blind eye to Hitler thinking, “he wouldn't do anything.”

Well, he did. And 60 million Jews and 250 million Americans died as a result.

As soon as the world saw what Hitler was really up to, after they attacked and killed, Britain practically begged Churchill to lead them, and FDR soon had the U.S. join in after Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan.

Yep, back in 1941 we waited until we were attacked before we responded, unlike our pre-emptive strikes on would be terrorists of today. I think it’s a better strategy to stop evil when it’s just a seed; before it’s potent and grows thorns. But that’s a story for another column.

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