Friday, January 4, 2008

We must see the big picture in Middle East

Again, setting aside the reasons for going to Iraq for now, the polarization of views by political groups in the United States, the success of the surge, and the report that Iran stopped it's weapons of mass destruction program in 2002, we know from history that we must not turn a blind eye to Iran.

I'm not saying it's not possible to change course regarding our policies regarding Iran, or Iraq for that matter, but we must continue to be vigilant not just to what is obvious, but to what is not obvious. We must continue to see the big picture, and we must also use history as our guide in doing this.

With history as our guide, we can see two other things happening as soon as this new Super Iran described in my last post is created.

The first will probably happen right when we pull out of Iraq. That is, all the Iraqi people who stood on the side of the U.S. and its allies and refused to reject the idea of democracy and freedom will be murdered.

There would be a mass murder of 3,000 plus, maybe up to 10,000 or 250,000 or even a million or two million Iraqi civilians. And you think it’s bad now that democrats keep tabs on the 3,000 plus Americans that have died in Iraq.

Why do I think this way? History!

Winston Churchill once said, “The further we look back into history, the further we can see into the future.”

If we look back to the first gulf war as an indicator, we will see what will happen to the U.S. backers and the backers of democracy in Iraq. In 1991, 300,000 Kurds in Iraq were gathering up their arms to help us remove Saddam from power. See, they believed we were going to take out Saddam back then.

But, considering our goal back in the first gulf war was to get Saddam out of Kwait (and stop him from creating a Super Iraq), and not to remove him from power, the U.S. and its allies pulled out of Iraq in 1991, leaving Saddam in power and the Kurds to fight for themselves.

What happened? In 1993, Saddam gassed all 300,000 of those Kurdish Iraqis for betraying Iraq, and of course the Super Iraq or Iraq without a Super Iran, would be involved in a Super mass murder. They would justify this as “What Allah would want.”

Of course it wouldn’t be as easy for the Super Iran to kill the people who betrayed Islam because there would be so many of these so-called betrayers. Perhaps there would even be a giant civil war between democracy hopefuls and the radical Islamists in the Middle East.

Would the U.S. be able to stay out of this and watch as this Super Iran succeeded in the Middle East in slaughtering all the innocent people? Would the U.N.? Well, we know the U.N. probably would because historically it has already proven to the world it has no balls.

You know what would happen here? The Iranian nation would blow up the traders in a mass execution with whatever arsenal of weapons they currently have, or they would surruptitiously re-start their WOMD programs with this intent in mind. Even Saddam said that while he halted his WOMD program, he always intendedto re-start it as soon as eyes were off him. He said this while he was being interrogated.

What would happen next? The Super Iran would blow up Israel.

Well, if Israel didn’t already destroy this Super Iran.

Iraq’s leaders have already gone on record saying Israel should be blown off the map; and Israel has already gone on record saying that it would stop Iran from getting nuclear power. When this war is started, how many millions of civilians will die then? It would be a hell of a lot more than that have died in the War in Iraq.

Whether this was starts of not, one thing that would happen if we pull out of Iraq is the terrorists would follow us home. Instead of our U.S. military fighting these thugs on their home territory, our civilians would be fighting them here at home. Is that what we want?

I don’t think people realize this, but the War in Iraq, for whatever errors have occurred there, has been the most humane war ever.

General Patton said in WWII that the only way to defeat the enemy is to destroy the enemy – to wipe them out. That’s what we did in WWII to Germany and Japan.

In the Iraq war we took out the leaders and left the rest of the nation standing—which meant that the radical Islamic cause still had a footing. That, if anything, may have been our biggest error in this war – WWIII we should call it.

In Iraq, fewer people have died than any war of this type in history – in fact, the numbers aren’t even close. 10,000 people died in one day just preparing for D-Day. In Iraq, we didn’t even destroy the city – we stunned it.

But we didn’t want to destroy it. We didn’t’ want to kill the Iraqi people who were not involved, or did not support, this evil regime of Saddams

Likewise, because we didn’t wipe out Saddam’s armies, merely told them to set down their weapons, and run. These thugs have since returned to continue the fight. The, along thugs from Iran and Syria and many more who have come out of hiding, are the insurgents we are still fighting today.

What I’m saying is: We sacrificed our good men to save their men. What war ever in world history did the Victors ever allow that to happen? The answer: never.

Yet, still, people say we are the evil ones.

I call this the insidious response. We are the only nation in the history of the world to be attacked from within. We have people, both republicans and democrats alike, who bad mouth this country because of this most humane war ever.

They have not only bad mouthed the U.S. inside the U.S., but outside the U.S. as well. It’s no wonder so many nations hate the U.S. It’s no wonder support for this humane war is waning.

The only people who benefit from this anti-Iraq War talk is the enemy. The terrorists want nothing more than for the U.S. to pull out of Iraq. Heck, better yet, they want us to set a timeline for a pullout. Why? Because then they know exactly how long they have to lay low.

Yet, there are people right now in our Congress who are trying to stop this war. And there’s a bill rolling around with dates on them regarding an Iraqi War pullout date.

This is absolutely stunning to me.

Yet today, many people in the U.S. and the rest of the world wonder why the U.S. is still in Iraq. “Why are they involved over there?”

And many people criticize the Bush Administration for stating prior to the 2000 election that the U.S. should not be involved in nation building and yet that’s what they are doing now.

Listen, plain and simple, the reason we are in Iraq is simple: things have changed since 9-11. We are now in a post 9-11 world and we need to be constantly vigilant to the threat of terrorism from the radical Islamists of the world.

Right now, however, Americans feel comfortable. They don’t feel threatened because President Bush has protected them. And, now, they are taking that peace for granted.

It is a well known fact that people in this country have short memories. They have already forgotten what happened on 9-11-2001. They have forgotten how many terrorist attacks there were prior to that date.

There have been ZERO since 9-11.

Because there have been ZERO, the war has ended to them. They don’t realize this war, the war in Iraq as part of the War on Terror (better termed WWIII), has granted them peace.

Need I say, this is not a war of Christianity versus Islam. This is not a religious war, and Bush has stated this many times over the course of the past five year. I will continue to preach this when I become President.

This is a war only against the few Islamic people pent on forcing their views on the free world. The goal of WWIII is to stop Radical Islam; to stop terrorists from terrorizing the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world.

Most of the people in Iraq are good people. Most of the people in Iran are good people. Most of the people in Syria are good people. And it’s the good in all these people, who are dire to fend for their God given freedoms that we need on our side in this terrible War on Terror.

It is for these good people, and all the good people in the rest of the world, that we are sacrificing lives for.

War will always be terrible, but the cause in this case is good. It may sound ironic, but the only way to peace is through war.

That is why this the next president must be pent on staying the course in Iraq until a stable democracy is created, and the good people of Iraq are able to defend their democracy and their God given freedom.

And, to the best of my ability, educate Americans on the need to continue this fight.

The U.S. must not and will not fail in this mission. Too many lives are at stake.

We must go full out, WIN the war, and then pull out.

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