Sunday, January 6, 2008

Securing our borders should be top priority

It is a sham that neither the republican nor the democratic party has done anything about the illegal immigration problem this country faces, or at a minimun put an end to the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country.

If we had a president, or a congress for that matter, who cared about the American people rather than big business, our border would have been sealed immediately following 9-11. With the fear of another terrorist attack, and the knowledge that a majority of the 9-11 hijackers were illegal imigrants who planned within the U.S. borders, the public support for such a plan would have been undaunted.

We here at Freadom Nation were, as were most Americans, happy when the debate over S. 1348, the infamous immigration bill that would have granted amnesty to 8 or 12 million illegal immigrants,went down in smoke. And we pray that nothing like this is proposed again by Congress nor our next president.

We think it is unfair that illegal immigrants have access to free public education, while driving up the cost of that education for regular Americans. We think it's unfair that illegal aliens, in some states, have access to college at the same cost of in-state residents, while legal residents in the rest of the country have to pay extra.

We think it is unfair that illegal aliens have access to free healthcare, while legal citizens and legal aliens have the burden of paying for them. This not only drives up the cost of medicine, but it overwhelms many of our hospitals on the Mexican border.

We think it is unfair that illegal aliens are being able to obtain drivers lisences and to vote in some states, while legal residents who break our laws are not provided these privelages.

We a major problem that illegal and legal aliens are not encouraged to assimilate, and to learn the English language. English is the language of success, and by not forcing these people not to learn English we are forever trapping these people in low paying jobs.

And, while legal U.S. residents are pulled over and are documented as breaking U.S. laws, they are placed under arrest and dealt with accordingly. Illegal immigrants are set free and allowed to go back into hiding. Current laws regarding illegal immigration are regularly ignored, while laws regarding legal citicens who break the law are enforced.

We don't even know how many illegal aliens there are. The statistics say it's about 40 million, but they are in hiding, so how do we know if it's not really 8 million, 12 million or 500 million for that matter. The truh is: we don't.

Why do we tolerate this? The reason is because our past 5 or 6 presidents, past republican and democratic members of Congress and the Senate, are afraid of losing the Mexican-American vote. Not only that, they are afraid of losing money from Big Business lobbyists who champion for amnesty so they can have cheap labor because, "they do the jobs that no legal Americans would do because the jobs are too low class and too low paying"

That's absolutely not true, According to Lou Dobbs in his book "War on the Middle Class". Americans, if paid enough, have been willing to do just about any job, he writes, especially if that's what they need to do to support their families.

Just look at the coal miners for example. That's one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S., but people continue volunteer to do this work.

If illegal immigrants were not taking up low-class laborious jobs, Dobbs writes, the Businesses would be forced to raise pay for these jobs, and Americans would suck them up. Studies show that this would not force a majority of these businesses to go out of business. Rather, it would force them to eat the extra profit they now earn to the benefit of middle class America

I could go on, but I'll stop there. You can read the rest of the statistics of how illegal aliens are bad for the nation on your own. There are so many reasons illegal immigration is bad entire books have been written on the subject.

Regardless, I did my research, mulled it over, and I’ve decided: They broke the law. It’s that simple. End of discussion. Any idea of granting them amnesty is an absolutely proposterous idea. Amnesty is an idea that has failed every time it's been tried, and it's something we shouldn't even be talking about.

What we need to do is, in one way or another, seal the border.

As it stands right now, America’s immigration program is an anarchist program. This is not good, because a serious crime is going unpunished, and America as a whole is suffering as a result.

Yes, illegal immigration is effecting the wallets of every day working Americans, and is taking a toll on our economy. More important than that, however, is how easy it is for terrorists to get in here. The borders must be sealed and they must be sealed now. Securing our borders is vital to our national security.

Yes, there are laws on the books for dealing with immigration, but officials are ignoring these laws, and it's an absolute sham.

This is an illegal immigration fiasco, and it must be fixed. This should be part of the number one priority of our next president; it should be right up inside the mix of securing the nation.

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Elroy said...

Politicians are looking for expediency. The war on drugs, war on poverty, school funding require less political work that securing the borders. They pick the low hanging fruit. Also they view these illegals as being part of the electorate at some point in the future and want to pander to them ahead of time.