Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Solving the most important issues of the day

As your new President of these here wonderful United States of America, I would hereby propose that I, together with all Congressmen and all Senators, get together in a civilized manner and solve the most important issues facing our country right at this moment.

We must not toss out words of hatred, or words of blame, or any such words that do nothing but stymie progress. What we must do, in an orderly fashion, is sort out the issues of the day and discuss them one at a time. And, to solve these problems, we must all put forth our solutions, and we must listen to all the solutions and the evidence that is provided, and then we must debate these issues in the arena of ideas.

It will be difficult, but we must put aside our differences and talk. I know we all don't see eye to eye. I know it's a truth when I say that even most members of the same political party don't see eye to eye. Not seeing eye to eye, however, is a fact of humanity. Once we are aware of that, as we are now, we can progress.

Let us simply get together and debate the issues. And, at the end of the day or week or month or year, let us have a solution to each of these problems.

A solution means more than me getting my way or you getting your way. Most solutions do not come by that way. Most solutions come by by compromising. That means that I give a little and you give a little. Now this may not always be possible. I understand that sometimes I have to get my way or you have to get your way. As is the case, sometimes, for the better of the country, one of us has to step aside.

And when it is all said and done, and we have our solutions, we must support the people who enact new policies, and write new procedures, and enforce any new laws that are enacted. We must stand together not as Michiganders, or Texans, or New Yorkers, but as One Nation. We must Never bad mouth one another. We must never accuse one of lying without proof. We must not call each other names. We must be civil.

Yes, we can disagree. We can disagree so much that we hate one another, but that should never proceed into slander, for that type of behavior is not conducive to further progress. Once the nation is set forth in one direction, we must support our leaders regardless of whether or not we agree with them.

However, support is not the same as agreement. When we slander each other, we look frivolous as a nation, and that accomplishes nothing more than to weaken us not only in the eyes of our own Americans, but the eyes of other nations as well.

And if the policies we as a nation choose are not correct, if we make mistakes (as all people do), we must regroup and form new solutions and debate those in the arena of ideas. Most important: we must debate as gentlemen. Many times, that means being patient, and waiting for your time to come.

The most important issues of the day are the following, and in this order:

  1. Assuring that all Americans are safe from foreign invasion
  2. Providing a sound economic environment
  3. Assurance that our judges rule by the Constitution not by their opinion
  4. Improving the educational system
  5. Continuing to improve race relations within the United States
  6. Encouraging the spread of democracy world-wide
  7. Deciding how to deal with illegal immigrants, and helping Mexico improve its economy
  8. Improving relations with other nations and helping them prosper
  9. Continuing the struggle for peace in the Middle East

I prioritized this list according to the issues I think are most important to our nation today. Our politicians have been scratching at each other's throats regarding these issues, and progress has been slow. Well, it's time to speed things up.

As president, I would open my door and encourage anyone to come visit me who has a viable solution to any of these problems. We will meet somewhere in the middle.

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