Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hmmm, who will be McCains Veep??????

Who do you think McCain should choose as his running mate?

Some of the talk I've heard is he would want to choose someone who is a high profile name, and thus someone the people already know as opposed to someone (like Dan Quayle in 1988) who is a relative unknown.

There are a couple approaches McCain might take. For one, he might seek find a candidate who is an expert in one area McCain says he is not an expert, and that being the economy. Mitt Romney would fit in here quite well. Romney is well known and an economic expert.

Plus, he would bring in the state of Michigan, a state that might just very well help McCain carry the union. Yet Romney's religion would more than likely (and unfortunately) come into play again.

On a similar note, Rudy Guliani might help carry the state New York. If McCain could somehow change this state over from blue to red, that would help McCains chances in November. However, some experts say New York is so blue already, there might be little hope of Guliani doing anything more than making the state a close race.

On a similar note, while Guliani's strength is National Security, leadership, and cleaning up crime, those are strenghs McCain already has. And the other areas Guliani is known for would cater to liberals, such as his Guliani's stance on abortion, which would further separate McCain from his base.

Therefore, Guliani might not be such a good choice after all.

Condy Rice has been mentioned. Likewise, it has also been reported that Rice is seeking the office of the veep. And while she would cater well to conservatives on most of the issues important to her, she is still pro-choice and pro-affirmative action. That pro-choice would be a thorn in McCain's side as it would not help him cater to the Evangelicals and other pro-life people.

So, that brings us to Mike Huckabee. He surely would cater to the evangelicals, and some of his popular stances might cater well to independent voters, but, as Righy64 over at Right view from the Left Coast writes about a Robert Novak article where Novak contends Huckabee supporters might rather see Obama win in 2008 so they can have another chance at voting for Huckabee in 2012.

And, Righty 64 writes, "Mike may very well be sucking up to Sen. "F--- You" McCain now, while working with these fringe Christians to insure defeat to Sen. Barack in November."

I tell you what, there are a ton of interesting names being tossed out there, and they all have pluses and minuses. I've even heart Joe Lieberman's name. He would cater to the pro-war independents and democrats, but I would surmise McCain already caters to that crowd.

And there is New Gingrich. Oh my how I love Newt. I cannot count the ways. However, there has been talk by hard core republicans that the party needs to cater to the middle, kind of in the Gerald R. Ford and Robert Dole mould, and that is why they chose McCain in the first place.

Thus, Gingrich might be too conservative for these folks. However, he would sure up the base better than any other candidate. However, would this eliminate the chances of losing because of lack of support for the base. Would Gingrich's supporters not rather see Obama win in 2008 so they could vote for Newt in 2012.

Man this is interesting. There simply is no obvious answer. I'm sure glad I'm not the man who has to make this decision. Of course, then there's the matter of age. McCain would have to be pretty popular to be nominated at the ripe old age of 74, which he would be in 2012, so you'd think any republican veep wouldn't have to worry about McCain winning.

However, if republicans win in 2008, when 2012 rolls along the odds will still be in favor of democrats for no other reason than people have historically voted the incumbent party out of office after so two or three terms in office. I think FDR and Truman are the lone exception since 1900.

Or is there someone else out there.

So, what will happen? Who will McCain nominate as his veep and why? Your guess is as good as mine.


Nikki said...

Freadom, your guess is as good as mine, ditto on that one...I don't know if he is going conservative or moderately conservative...I do know this...that with Condi Rice on the ballot and she can't affect sup judges...McCain wins by a very large margin in key states. Don't quote me on the stat cuz I can't remember where I saw it or heard it or read it...a lot of times my hubby is surfing around on his laptop throwing out numbers like that and I don't get the reference...but I specifically remember that one...:)N

DB said...

My very conservative boss always throw MD Lt. Gov Michael Steele out there for Veep. Black, conservative...could have that political appeal for the Reps. Though at this point a pick that would help carry key states is the only way to go, otherwise it will be tough.