Sunday, May 11, 2008

What interesting times these are

Hillary and McCain have made calls recently for Congress to get rid of the gas tax over the summer season in order to give consumers a break and, hopefully, boost the economy.

Obama doesn't want this tax. This only makes sense, considering he's probably going to be the democratic presidential nominee, he doesn't want to take a chance the economy will improve by November. While Hill is a dem, she still wants to become president, and if McCain wins, that sets her up pretty for a 2012 battle.

You know what Hillary says, "We Clinton's never quit."

Republicans love this. So long as the dems are spending all their money beating each other up, McCain can stand by on his high horse and watch. And since Hill will never give up, she will do everything in her power to destroy Obama, even after he gets the nomination.

Hill would normally side with the rest of her dem friends on this matter, but when it comes to winning, those Clintons do whatever needs to be done -- even if that means pretending to be conservative.

This is why Hill agrees with McCain on the gas tax holiday.

For the time being dems have turned their backs on Hill, and are complaining that Washington won't be able to do without the revenue generated by the gas tax; that this money is used to repair bridges and roads.

Now, you mean to tell me that the government can't go one summer without spending money that isn't theirs. They can't do what the rest of us good Americans do when we are in financial difficulties, and stop spending money.

What interesting times these are.


Nikki said...

I really think Hillary could show some major kohones and endorse McCain! She has said that McCain and herself have more experience and Obama is not ready...she should put her money where her mouth is an not just support the gas tax but McCain as well...:)N

Freadom said...

What a briliant idea nikki.

DB said...

The gas tax holiday is pure political election season propaganda. Surely you see through this one...

The only effect this will have is somehow convincing the voters that they as politicians "care" about the voters. But it won't have any other effect than hoodwinking the people for a couple months. In any case, this is treating the symptoms and not the problem, which is irresponsible leadership. But hey, the way they see it, if it gets them votes, who cares?

Freadom said...

db: you are right on the money.

Khaki Elephant said...

Actually, I wonder if the gas tax holiday would produce a small spike in gas-generated income for the government. We saw during both the Reagan and Bush years that certain tax cuts (like capital gains)actually increased federal revenue. Could it be that a cut that quickly drops gas prices would promote increased holiday driving and thus increase the actual revenue for the fed?

I don't know, but it sure felt good to write that and justify McCain's comments :).

Freadom said...

Khaki, if there is no Fed. gas tax, how would that generate more Fed Revenue? Is it because you're thinking since they are paying less in gas they will buy other taxable items.

At the same time, some opponents of the holiday contend any such increase in demand might raise the price of gas even more, defeating the purpose of the holiday.

Actually, I'm not convinced if this is a good thing or simple politics. Do any of you guys know if there is a precident for this?

DB said...

I know there has been only talk about this holiday in the past but I couldn't find specifics (I briefly heard it on Fox or somewhere recently). But ultimately we would save an estimated $30/each in three months on this and either way, neither the Senate or House will pass this anyways. The prices are going to continue to go up from the high demand as it is, regardless of any holiday. We won't actually notice a difference in money saved. Simple supply and demand.

But to think politically about this "stunt", McCain will be better off pushing for it and it not passing, than if he pushes for it and it does pass. If it passes and gas prices still go sky high, the people will be mad. If it doesn't pass, they can always say "what if..." and remember McCain had a "solution." Lol. Gotta love politics.

Freadom said...

Very intelligent observation.

Nikki said...

FYI...McCain admits that this is clearly a band-aid and not a solution...I think he at least has the fortitude to state it. :)N

DB said...

Band-aids at least stop the bleeding. Even a band-aid is an overstatement. I will be impressed when he says "this is just pure politics playing to the stupidity of the voters." If he said something that cool, I would vote for him for sure.