Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow: The best press secretary ever

There are times, especially now that we are in the dog days of summer, that the well of ideas seems to run dry. If I happen to go several days without writing a post, that's more than likely the reason.

Today, however, I really didn't have to think when I clicked on the Internet and saw the headline that Tony Snow has passed on to be with his maker.

I always enjoyed him when I used to watch Fox News. He sat in well for Bill O'Reilly, and was excellent at keeping his interviewee on his or her toes. He was a very colorful commentator, which goes right in line with being very intelligent and very right and true to his principles.

I can honestly say that I do not watch a lot of press conferences, mainly because the idea of a press conference in itself rings up the word boredom. However, during the short span Snow was Bush's press secretary, I actually looked forward to White House Press Conferences.

Mr. Snow was very lively and colorful and more than eager to correct reporters and keep them on their toes just as he did when he was a commentator. He was very fun to watch. He was also fun to watch because he had principles, and he wasn't afraid to defend them -- O'Reilly-esqe.

One of the things that people will remember about the man is how, despite his health, he continued living. And, perhaps at a time when most cancer survivors might have slowed down, Snow accepted Bush's invitation to be his 3rd Press Secretary.

We were all sad the day he stepped down, and now we are equally sad that he has passed away.

Tony Snow was one of those rare individuals who will never be replaced.

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