Sunday, July 13, 2008

Are we close to victory in Iraq???

Democrats have been calling for a troop pullout since the war began. They have made no secret of the fact that they do not want U.S troops over there, even if a pullout means losing the war.

This is exactly why Conservative pundits have called democrats defeatists: "They want to lose in Iraq."

Democrats were also against the surge, which is now being called a major success in Iraq, as violence in Iraq is at an all time low. In fact, things are going so well there, that even the Iraqi leaders are saying that it may soon be time for U.S. troops to pull out.

Most people who want to see Victory in Iraq don't want to see an early pullout because the consequences of that would be disasterous (click here for more) not only for the Iraqi people, but it would send a message to the terrorists that America can be beaten.

An early pullout would be a rallying cry for men like Usama Bin Laden. This is exactly why conservative voices have proclaimed that the enemy supports the democratic party, because the democratic party at least appears to have the same goal in Iraq as the terrorists: defeat.

However, a timely pullout after goals in Iraq have been met, and the Iraqi people are fully prepared to defend their own God given freedoms, is more than a welcome idea.

The Bush administration, according to Yahoo news, is now considering withdrawing additional troops beginning in September. But Bush states he will wait until a report in September by General David Petraeus.

This is the way it should be, as it should be the decision of military officials when we pullout of any war, and not politicians in Washington.

I think this news of a possible pullout is great news, even if it's only a partial pullout. If we are to the point that the Bush Administration is talking about a pullout of troops, the same administration that said we were in this war until we win, then we can be well assured that we are winning.

Wonderful news this is. What we need to do now is finish the mission that was started, and get out as soon as possible. That's what the goal was all along. It just took a nasty turn there for a while. And, while most democrats wanted to give up, our president did not.

The result may be excellent news for McCain, who can talk about how he will have a great ally in the War on Terror right where we need one. He can also preach that we are close to winning in Iraq, something democrats said was not possible.

Not only that, McCain has been an ardant supporter not just of the war, but of the surge. He called for this long before it actually happened.

Thus, Obama might be in big trouble here, as conservative pundits have proclaimed, "democrats have been in bed with defeat for so long, if we actually win this war they are going to be politically scarred."

So, now what is Obama going to do, what are other "defeatist" democrats going to do now that it looks like we are winning. I don't want to get too far ahead here, because we have not won yet.

But what if the War in Iraq (which is a part of a bigger War on Terror) is declared a victory? Will this hurt Obama's electability?

I'm no political expert, but I think this would weigh big time for most republicans and a few democrats (Lieberman) who have been preaching all along that we need to be in this until we win.

Hopefully, soon, people will view this war as one of the greatest humanitarian efforts ever, as millions of people who used to live in fear now get to enjoy their freedoms.

And, if the U.S. can declare victory there, that means that those people will no longer have to fear radical Islam will take their freedoms away.

Likewise, people will soon understand the full scope of the War in Iraq as one small victory in the longer War on Terror.

We will keep an eye on this, and we will continue to be humble, as no one knows what the future holds.

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Khaki Elephant said...

Excellent post! Don't you wish the major media would start covering the success of the surge and the hope growing in the hearts of the Iraqi people? It is so frustrating that the truth is left up to the blogs.