Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good economic news bad news for Obama

I doubt that Obama will mention this in his speach tonight (which is going on as I write this), but the GNP grew by 3.3% in the April-June quarter, "the fastest pace in over a year," according to Yahoo news.

That means that we are definitely not in a recession.

Obama can't mention this in his speach because in order for the democrats to get elected, the economy has to be positioned as bad as possible. That way people vote for him and not McCain.

To be honest, I think a better message for Obama would be, "Yes, it is true that the economy has grown in the last quarter by 3%, and that is good news for America. Still, I think that I can do better. By voting for me, we can have an even better economy for America."

Obama will not say this. He won't because his entire strategy has been to make America look as bad as possible. His strategy is that the bleaker America looks, the more people he will get to vote for him -- for change.

The irony in this was the report I read that informed me of this "Good" economic news, Yahoo news, had the following headline: "Spring's economic rebound unlikely to last."

That's their way of editorializing good news so it reflects how they want to picture the news, in their attempt to make it look as grim as possible, in their attempt to get their candidate elected (That's Obama by the way.)

All is fair in love and war. Yet, if I were running for President, I would as either a republican, democrat or as an independent, I would prefer to have a more positive view of the nation, and go with the "America is the best, and we can make it better," strategy.

That's just me though.

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