Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last chance to speculate on McCains VP

I suppose this is my last chance to SPECULATE on McCains VP.

I can't imagine he would do something that hasn't been seen before, as McCain is positioning himself as the more traditional candidate to fall back on when they learn that Obama is too inexperienced or unknown to be President. McCain, in essence, is the safe pick.

Which is all the more reason for him not to nominate an unknown and inexperienced person as VP, which would rule out any unknown with little political experience. Or, no surprises.

It would also rule out Lieberman, who is a democrat, and only agrees with Lieberman on defense issues. However, Lieberman would be an excellent candidate for Secretary of State or, better yet, defense secretary.

Wouldn't that be cool. McCain announces his VP, and then a week later taps into the former democrat who still votes with democrats on most issues by announcing that Lieberman is the Secretary of Defence.

That might help him bring in the independent voters, and the democrats not sure about Obama. Or the Hilary-ites who have already stated they won't vote for Obama. Perhaps in this way, Obama can position himself as a "different" kind of republican.

Who else might be the VP. You have Pawlenty. However, Pawlenty isn't a well known figure, yet he would bring Minnesota into the picture.

But, since the Republican Convention will be in Minnesota already, he might want to lean another way for VP to tap into another state.

You have Kay Baily-Hutchison. She is a senator from Texas. I suppose she might be a viable option. But, I don't see McCain going in that direction.

So, that leaves Michigan. I've written this before. It seems to me that if McCain can cut another 5% off Obama's Michigan lead, he might be able to win this glorious state in November.

And, who would help him do that? Mitt Romney.

Sure, Romney is a rich person who would bring in more houses to the McCain camp, but he also brings Michigan, and perhaps the road to 270.

Sure Romney and McCain never really got along during the primaries, but Romney has an excellent economic recort for McCain to tap into.

Sure, Romney has a liberal record in liberal Massachusetts, but he may have had his hand forced as his way of even getting elected in that state.

So, that is why I am convinced that Romney is the man.

Am I wrong? We'll learn tomorrow.


Khaki Elephant said...

I honestly still don't believe that Romney will bring Michigan and if he can't Romney would be a huge mistake in my opinion. Suddenly we would have 2 filthy rich white guys on the ticket, which plays perfectly into "same ole Republicans" stereotype. Plus, Romney's atacks on McCain were even more vicious than what Biden laid on Obama. Talk about ad material for the left.

Freadom said...

I can't disagree with you. I'm basically just making a prediction here. Perhaps McCain will surprise us with a pick we will all like, and someone who can take on Biden in a debate.