Thursday, August 7, 2008

The sleeping Tigers

The mistake Dave Dombrowski made last summer was trading pitching for offense, when it was pitching not offense that the Tigers needed. I don't have a problem with Leyland. I have no problem with Rodney and Zoom, they are both still in spring training per se. I have no problem with Robertson or Verlander or even Rogers.

The problem is that the guys in the bullpen have let us down night after night. There have been at least 5 games in the last 10 where this bullpen has let us down. It's time to consider this season as spring training for next year, and to get rid of the guys who aren't expected to help this team down the road.

  1. Sorry, but Sheff must sit on the bench or be released. Lets give a young guy a chance to play. Any minor leaguer can bat .239

  2. Rogers must sit on the bench, it's time to get a young guy some innings so he can be ready for next year.

  3. Minor was never intended to be a long term pitching solution for the team, lets bring up a prospect and give him some innings

  4. Rentaria is a short term plug at SS. Perhaps it's time to let him go too and call that trade a flop.

  5. Place Zoom in the closer spot and let him get used to it. Last night he allowed 4 runs, so now he needs to get back out there and show that he can have a closers mentality and forget the previous game. Rodney should be the set up man, and the rest of the closers can be sent back to the minors for some prospects. Sure they might blow more games this year, but we have to use the talent we have for what it was meant for.

All these moves would get the team ready for next year. And hopefully in the offseason D.D. will trade some of this offense for pitching and defense, which is what wins games.

Perhaps the best trade last summer was the one that was not made -- Brandon Inge is still a Tiger, and perhaps one of the greatest defensive catchers in the game. Plus he can suitably fill in anywhere else if needed.

Some people are lying all the blame on Leyland. I think if you want to lay blame it's on the fact that the Tigers just weren't healthy enough when they needed to be this year, and their offense had a lot of new pieces that took a while to click together.

Rentaria and Cabrerra were both in new leagues and new teams. Bonderman faced another season ending injury, and Sheff played through injuries the first half of the season, and Zoom and Rodney are still getting used to pitching after not doing so the first half.

It takes time to get back in sink.

I think they should still try gallantly to win this year, but they should do so while also preparing for the future. If they somehow get hot and make a run at the Sox and Twins -- Great. If they don't, then we'll be better set for next year.

Besides, perhaps a little shake up like this will wake up the sleeping Tigers.

That's my take on the Tiger situation

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