Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Come on Washington; you can do better than this

One of the things we like to do on this blog is correct people when they are wrong, even when it comes to the Maverick.

He said today that Obama is wrong on the economy, and his tax and spend policies "will deepen our recession."

I hate to be the one to break it to you, Mr. McCain, but we are not yet in a recessoin. In fact, the economy grew 3% last quarter. To be a recession the economy has to fall 2 consecutive quarters, and it fell only one quarter this past year.

I'm not saying we're not in economic trouble, we are. We are in economic trouble because of policies adapted by politicians in Washington. We are in trouble because politicians in Washington made decisions that effect the economy without involving economists.

It's kind of like when we go to war, or when we are managing a war, we need to listen to troops and generals on the ground and not leaders in Washington. The same thing goes for the economy.

When are our politicians going to get it. They are tinkering with our money. Many of them have no clue what they are doing. And yet they still tinker with our money.

I'm talking about the bailout. I'm talking about the legislation they passed that forced banks to loan money to people who couldn't possibly pay off the loans.

Today I was talking with a bankruptcy lawyer friend of mine and she told me she blames part of this financial mess on the 2005 bill that made it harder for people to file for bankruptcy. So, intead of filing, they had to default.

It's all because politicians in Washington who didn't know the slightest thing about banrkruptcy and the economy and banking passed this law, even before one bankruptcy lawyer read it.

Bush has done many good things, but he is not the conservative King we were looking for. McCain is even more liberal than Bush. Obama is the King of liberalism and leader of the modern Socialistic movement. Congress, including 1/3 of republicans and 60% of democrats who voted for this bailout bill have no clue either. Hence the 9% approval ratings.

You want to know why Bush's approval ratings are so low, it's because of stuff like this. You want to know why Congress's approval ratings are so low, it's because of stuff like this.

I can tell you guys that I'm adamantly opposed to this bill. I think we can put our intelligent minds together and come up with a solution far better than this. But Washington's desire to do something stupid just to show that they are doing something seems to be at the top of their list.

Which seems funny to me, considering a huge majority of Americans are opposed to this bailout plan. Did you know that 700 billion dollars will pay the yearly salaries of more than 20 million Americans.

If Obama was so for the middle class, he'd can this bill and propose giving this money to people like me and you -- not that I'd be for that either even though it might benefit me for a year. Well, it would benefit me for only a year, and that IS why I'd oppose it.

This bailout bill is pure D demogoguary.

If I were a member of Washington, I'd rather be the most unpopular goon on top that hill rather than do something stupid just to get re-elected. But that's just me.

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Khaki Elephant said...

If Freadom Nation was a church, I'd give you a "Hallalujah," brother.

I think that something needs to be done to provide security for the 401Ks of those folk on the fringe of retirement, but the more you read about this form of the bill the scarier it got. Even Washington can do better,