Saturday, October 11, 2008

A galloping media poll

Sure we know all these polls that show Obama ahead anywhere from 2-12 are completely unbiased, even though most of them were completed by media outlets that are official satelights of the Obama campaign.

What I am posting here are some of the questions on the latest Gallop daily tracking poll. Just thought you'd like to know what some of the most common questions are being asked.

Please answer the following questions so we can get an understanding of how you and the rest of this nation is positioned for the upcoming election. This is meant to be an unbiased poll.

  1. Do you plan on voting for the man who is the best candidate for the country or John McCain who would simply be an extension of George Bush.

  2. By the way, do you agree that the War in Iraq is being run poorly?

  3. Oh, and do you agree that it was a bad idea to go into Iraq in the first place since, after all, we never did find WOMD. Or do you support the neo-con war.

  4. Which of the following do you plan to vote for? a) McCain/Palin b)Obama/Biden

  5. Do you think Palin is cute but too inexperienced for the presidency?

  6. Of course you agree that Obama has enough executive experience because he has been running his presidential campaign since he was elected to the Senate two years ago?

  7. Do you agree that McCain is way too old to run this country?

  8. Are you a democrat or a right wing conservative neo-con-pro-war-republican

  9. Do you agree that raising taxes on corporations as Obama says he will do will not cause the economy to sputter, and that he is the right person for the job? Or, do you like McCain's plan of more of the same (think George Bush here).

  10. Oh, and by the way, how likely is it that you will vote in 2008?

Again, this is an unbiased poll. A small sample of democrats, er, um, a representative sample of America will be surveyed to represent the whole of how America feels at this moment. Please give us your honest answers.

The Galloping Media Pollseters

(Note: We are in no way associated with the liberal press).

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