Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama could be Hoover all over again

I think voters should take light of what has happened in Michigan before they vote in November. This state is a perfect example of what would happen if Obama is elected.

Take note that Granholm (our Governor who was born in Canada), increased taxes and government programs and told us that we were going to have increased revenue and an improving economy in no time.

Well, that was several years ago now. Our economy is still the worst in the country.

Consider five years back at the height of the Bush economic boom. While every other state had growing economies that completely recovered from the Clinton recession, Michigan's economy sputtered.

All those government programs aimed at helping the poor have not helped the poor. The taxes that were raised on corporations have also decreased the number of jobs available. What money might have been available to hire more workers now has to be paid to the state.

Likewise, because corporate taxes are so high, many corporations just up and left the state. That is one of the reasons our unemployment level is one of the -- if not THE highest -- in the country.

Now we have a sputtering economy, and you have Obama saying that he will not raise taxes on the middle class but he will raise corporate taxes, the death tax, and any other tax he can get his hands on.

When he raises the corporate tax, well, I'm sorry to say this, but the same thing that is happening in Michigan will happen on a much larger scale. The rest of you guys will be dragged down with Michigan.

What we have going on in this state is our own fault: we elected a tax and spend liberal to lead us. (well, I didn't vote for her, but many people were convinced she was our savior.)

I want to leave this message for all you liberals and independents who are seriously thinking about voting for Obama:

You can lower taxes on the middle class. But if you raise corporate taxes at the same time, and this results in fewer jobs and more industries moving to Asia, be prepared for an even higher unemployment rate and a heck of a lot more poor people to deal with.

And then you're going to have Obama creating a whole bunch of liberal feel good programs to help all the new poor that he created by increasing corporate taxes in the first place. And he will say they are all needed; that government is needed to get us out of this rut.

It will be Herbert Hoover all over again.

What we need to do right now is not panic, not vote for a tax and spend liberal, but for a candidate who will cut capital gains and corporate taxes to give corporations and individuals an incentive to go out and spend right now.

Unfortunately, I'm not certain McCain is the right man for the job either. Yet at least we can be assured he's not a tax and spend man either, and won't raise taxes and take more money out of the pockets of people who already don't have any -- like Hoover did.


Z said...

at least we can be really sure McCain and Palin love this country the way it's always been meant to be.

Anthony Palmer said...

I think there's a good chance that whoever wins this election will be a one-term president.

But then again, with things being as bad as they are now, I don't see how the next president could make things worse. So maybe the next president will almost be guaranteed a second term.