Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The polls are even. Can you believe it?

This kind of blows history away. The economy is suffering, moderate republicans recently controlled all three branches of government and allowed spending to go through the roof, oil prices remain high (even though they are going down), and we are still amid an unpopular war, and the democratic candidate is STILL not running away from John McCain.

Can you believe it? If Barry Obama doesn't win this election, it is going to be a major downer for the democratic party. It is also going to have a lot of columnists and historians fighting over the cause.

Let me say it here: According to the latest AP poll, it's even. McCain and Obama are tied. Even I figured the dems were in a great position to win the White House. Usually, after one party controls the house, the other party takes control after 2-3 terms.

Really the only exception was FDR, and he only won his third term because this country had entered a war, and Americans don't like to shift leaders in a middle of a war.

Everything is on the dems side right now, except for a few things:

1. No person from the far left wing of the democratic party has ever won the presidency.
2. And, no person of race has ever been elected president.
3. No person with terrorist ties or ties to any enemy nation has ever been elected.
4. It's scary the thought that the far left will control both the house, senate and the presidency if Obama wins. This, I think, is scaring lots of people away from him.

Obama is a liberal, he is black, and he has a friend in Bill Ayers.

Okay, you might be scolding me for #4. You might be saying, "Well, the repubs had control of all three branches and they did destroy Washington. Spending went through the roof. See, conservatives destroyed this country."

Well, you are right that the repubs controlling all three houses for a few years, but it was repuplicans and NOT conservatives. Conservatives did not let spending go awry, it was moderate/liberal republicans. You know the type, they are called RINO republicans (Repubs in name only).

Now, if people don't vote for him because he is black, they are simply ignorant. I think there are many minorities who are more than fit to be president, such as Condy Rice and Clarence Thomas.

Yes, Obama could still win. If he does, we will survive as a country -- we always do.


Anonymous said...

I got to see that poll
It is surely closer than they are saying, no doubt about that.

Your spot on about Repubs and conserves.

Consider this, whenever either side has full control spending must go up because they have no outs..... they can't tell their big doners "yeah I tried to get it in but the dems and house killed it, or whatever.
Good post.

Present and Accounted For said...

I agree with your post though I would point out that things started really sliding when Madam Pelosi and Mr. Reid got control of the legislature. Though, your point about moderate Repubs is cogent indeed

Khaki Elephant said...

This is the one gripe that I have against Dubya, he may have been a conservative in many ways, but the guy spent $ like a druken sailor. Now I like drunken sailors, especially when their covering the tab, but I don't want them approving spending bills. People get angry when I say this, but while Dubya is a good conservative when it comes to taxes, he went all Rino when it came to government growth and funding.

Flame away fellow Repubs :-)

Freadom said...

Sage: That's why I I were pres I'd never get re-elected because I'd do what's right as opposed to cater to lobbyists, etc.

Present: It does seem odd that a party would be so Aragant to celebrate before an election. Obama's even planned his victory party already.

Khaki: Dubya was definitely no RR. He spent too much time trying to cater to dems in an attampt to gain new repub voters, and it backfired. 2006 and Obama are proof of this. Of course we tried to tell him all along and he wouldn't listen.