Sunday, October 12, 2008

The thought of socialism is scaring people

Rush Limbaugh made a good point on Friday's program, and that is that the stock market is crashing partly because investors are afraid of what might happen to the markets when the tax rate is 50%, corporate and capital gains taxes are increased.

Of course we all know this is what's going to have to happen in order for Obama to pay for all his socialist programs he says he's going to initiate.

Obama says he's going to cut taxes for 90% of Americans. But, at the same time, 40% of Americans don't pay taxes. So, that means that a large portion of Americans aren't going to get a tax break, they are going to receive subsidies. And subsidies is a payment from the government to the poor.

Still, while he says he's going to cut taxes, he keeps talking of all the programs he's going to start to help people, such as a nationalized health care system.

No, mind you, his health care proposal pales in comparison to Hillary's, but still his proposal calls for a socialistic program. And, to do what he wants to do, the money has to come from somewhere. He can't simply create all these programs and not fund them.

Well, even the No-Child-Left-Behind program isn't funded enough, according to Ted Kennedy. So you can only imagine all the money that will be spent by the government in an Obama administration.

And, while Obama chides that his tax and spend programs are what is needed to save the economy, McCain actually has what it takes to save the economy. McCain is talking capitalism, and how we need to keep taxes low to allow capitalism to prosper. He is talking economic growth.

Rush wrote, "McCain should just tell everybody that a vote for McCain could save the market."

On an opposing note, Rush writes that many in the Obama camp are happy that the economy is doing so bad:

There are a lot of people in Obama's orbit who love seeing the capitalist system teetering like this. This is a scary thing, folks. The Washington Post today has a story: "The End of Capitalism?" And it's not the first such story I have seen. The end of capitalism? Well, this is what Bill Ayers is all about. ACORN is all about the destruction of capitalism and the Democratic system of fair elections. There are a lot of people on Obama's side that are loving this. There are a lot of people on Obama's side loving that you're in pain, loving that you're anxious, loving this crisis, loving that you're suffering, loving it, 'cause they think two things. They think you deserve to suffer because this is such an unfair, inequitable country. It's not fair anybody has any more than anybody else, and so those who are suffering, good for them. I'm telling you, there's some people in Obama's camp that are doing cartwheels. Not publicly of course, they won't say this stuff publicly. The other reason they like it is that they think it's going to propel Obama over the top.

Rush left one thing out, though. He left out that Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist thug friends want capitalism to fail too. They love this.

Well, as I've written before, capitalism is not what is causing the current financial crisis. It is a failure of liberalism. It's socialism. And more socialism is scaring people. It's partly responsible why people are in such a panic. They fear the Messiah.


Anonymous said...

I can't for the life of me figure out why people don't see that had government not intervened there would have been no crash because the bad loans would never have been made!

Rush has it right for sure.

Freadom said...


Khaki Elephant said...

And it's frustrating when people call this a failure of capitalism. Making bad loans under political pressure is not capitalism.

I swear this election is taking my ulcer to new heights . . . or lows