Monday, October 13, 2008

Voters don't want women carted off to war too

With 55% of the voters in the 2004 Presidential election being women, it's no wonder the presidential candidates are catering to women in their bid to win in 2008. Yet one thing women fear the most is that they will have to one day be drafted along with men.

Feminists believe that women should be on the front lines with men. Most women are not feminists, and they do not want to be on the front lines. And most men concur, and that is why women are currently not allowed on the front lines in battle.

No one is implying that women could not do just as well as men in battle, but it is scary the thought that not only our sons and husbands may be carted off to war some day, but our WIVES and MOTHERS too.

I talked with a couple women last night, one liberal and one conservative mom, and they both agreed that the feminists are ruining it for women in the U.S. Because of a few women who want women and men to be equal on all fronts, all women might some day have to suffer through wars.

Which brings me to the current presidential bid to cater to women. Well, it's obvious that Palin was an obvious bid by McCain to cater to the female crowd, yet Obama still has a slight edge in this area.

But, while both McCain and Obama have said they do not want to resort to a draft, Obama has said that women should be forced to register with selective service. This is a list of people who would be able to go to war should an emergency draft be necessary.

I think the idea of selective service is a good idea, and I think it's fine that women be allowed to enter the military, but let's not slip to the level that women HAVE to go to war. Perhaps I'm old school, but I don't want to see my daughter some day carted off to war -- let alone my young and beautiful wife.

What scares me the most is that while the U.S. military is feminized, this is not happening in many thug nations. Many of these Islamic and Muslim nations are run by thug men who do not respect other religions, let alone women. So my worse fears can be imagined.

I do not mean to be disrespectful here, but while women are equal to men mentally (and may even be superior to us men mentally), their bodies are not the physical equal of men. This is not a new revelation either, and is why men have historically fought the battles on the field.

Obama is catering to the feminists here. Feminism is not popular, particularly among women. Likewise, no man wants his daughter and wife carted off to war.

He, by opening the idea of women registering for selective service, may be hurting his own campaign at the expense of catering to the liberal feminists. While he may lose female voters, he may lose their dads, husbands and sons too.

Here is an excelent post from that agrees with me.

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