Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Religion, God, and the presidency,

Bush's presidency was unpopular because he was forced to face things and do unpopular things because of what his predecessor's neglected. It had nothing to do with his belief in God.

Likewise, he was under the guise that he had to be moderate to be successful, and it was those policies that put him out of favor with the conservative movement -- his base. If he wasn't out of favor with his base, he would have had at least a 50% approval rating.

I suppose in a way I'm saying that Bush was not as unpopular as he was because of the war in Iraq either.

Jefferson and Madison discussed the importance of religion in government in letters they wrote before the signing of the Constitution. Presidents all the way to FDR included God in most of their speeches because they believed God is important too.

Wile Gov. can't establish a religion, it most certainly has a role in shaping society. Thus, as Jefferson wrote, it is essential to have God inculcated to the people.

The founders knew that the U.S. had no military. The founders knew they had nothing to keep people in line, so they decided they would do this through God; through fear that if they were bad they'd go to hell.

Thus, most presidents up to FDR went by this belief in God, and setting a good example for the people.

Since the 1960, this is something only republican presidents have done. Liberal democrats have "separated" their views from the founding intentions.

That is why I think it is very scary that Obama has not attended church since his nomination. It goes to show that his going to church during his candidacy was all politics. His ideology and principals were set aside for the purpose of winning an election, something that a "good" conservative would never do -- something the founders preached against.

It's scary the way this country might go if the secularists -- of the Obama ilk -- ever gain control of this country.

Sure, there are good people who might have a conscience and be good not in the eyes of God. But every study ever done about this topic shows that absent the eyes of a religion, crime rises.

Now, there is a measure in the Constitution that says that the Fed must not ESTABLISH a religion. That is important, because that's the reason the founders left England, because they had no religious freedom.

American's do have religious freedom, and they do not loose any freedom when the President endorses God -- which is something the government should do.

Simply put, it's called setting a good example. And that, my friends, is exactly why I take my kids to church every week. My going to church has little to do with my belief in God, but my belief that raised by the church my kids have a better chance of growing up to be successful, good, honest, productive members of society.

And every study ever done on the matter proves me right. Hence, no study even needs to be don. It's simple common sense.

And that, my friends, is no joke.


Z said...

I am so glad you blogged on this. I'd seen the story that he hasn't attended church, too. What bothered me almost more than your excellent point here was that his excuse is the entourage would be disruptive for any church.
Why does he even come up with lies like that when he knows WE know that every president's attended a place of worship with at least as much entourage as obama's got now. Obama's not even president yet (would somebody please remind him, by the way?)

This is like the lie that he didn't want two planes on the campaign trail because it's cumbersome (while he got rid of journalists who dared challenge him), saying "a campaign doesn't work well with more than one plane" REALLY? All the last campaigns have had two planes and it seemed to work fine for Bush, Clinton, etc etc... lies.

I guess not going to church, not having that desire in your heart, paves the way for lies.......and more lies....and we're seeing that, aren't we.

Thanks for posting this..excellent thinking. And Happy Thanksgiving.

Nikki said...

I agree with you and Z, I am bothered that Obama doesn't attend church. Perhaps it shouldn't but I admit it does. It makes him look so like we thought he was and is. Nice job. :)N

Freadom said...

Z, thanks for backing my comments. I think the Obama presidency will be a break from traditional America, for better or worse we'll see.

Freadom said...

Again, it's not that I think people HAVE to go to church to believe in God. It's more along the lines of a MOM and a DAD MUST set a good example; MUST raise kids in a good environment. And, in today's world, as in the world of 1776, that is hard to do. And that's where a unified church comes in handy. I THINK IT WAS 5,000 YEARS AGO THAT PEOPLE FIGURED THAT OUT.