Monday, November 24, 2008

A secular president

It appears Mr. Obama is more concerned about himself than his God. No surprise here.


Anthony said...

I don't go to church, Freadom. I hope you wouldn't say that I care more about myself than my God too. When we start criticizing other people for the way they show/honor their faith, I think we are entering dangerous territory because who are you or anyone else to belittle another person's relationship with God? Elizabeth Dole tried this and it did not turn out well for her at all.

Freadom said...

No criticism here, just staing a fact. Ronald Reagan wasn't much of a church goer either.

Still, a leader must set an example. Those who go to church are 80% less likely to commit a crime, and that too is a fact.

Freadom said...

Which is exactly why as a parent I drag my kids to church even through a blizzard.

Anthony Palmer said...

I personally could care less if Obama goes to church. I care more about his legislative policies. I don't look to the President to set an example; I look to the President to protect this nation and move it forward.

George W. Bush went to church regularly. I think his presidency has been an absolute disaster. That he goes to church is of little comfort to me. Bill Clinton went to church regularly too, but how did that turn out?

You said "it appears Obama cares more about himself than God." So a fair reading of that would imply that you think Obama thinks he is greater or more important than God and then you throw in a "no surprise here" as if to feed off of the "Obama is vain/conceited" attack on his personality. Somehow I don't think you would say the same thing about Ronald Reagan. Not being "much of a churchgoer" is very different from being "secular."

Freadom said...

Well, you can read my new post to see what I thing about that. I think you and I will just have to agree to disagree on this.