Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do not take away the Lions Thanksgiving day game

I wanted to blog about this before it becomes too untimely. But I am tired of sportscasters talking about how the Thanksgiving game should be rotated, instead of given to the Detroit Lions every year.

Sure, the Lions embarrased the world this year with their pathetic loss to the Titans. Still, we Lion fans look forward to watching our favorite team -- for better or worse-- on Thanksgiving day. It's our tradition.

So, just because you are not a Lion fan is no reason for you to wish to take away our tradition.

Some day, hopefully within the next 50 years while I'm still alive, the Lions will be a good team again. When that happens the nation will get to watch a good team on Thanksgiving day.

Until then, do not take away the one thing we Lion fans look forward to: the Thanksgiving day game.

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