Thursday, December 11, 2008

A humble report on the news networks

Just in case you were wondering where the best place is to find the most news with the least bias, I have decided here to do an honest and pithy analysis of the all the TV news sources.

Here goes:
  1. Fox: They seem to be optimistic and patriotic. This is the only channel you will see true conservative opinion on, which is kind of a shocker to me considering polls show 23% of Americans say they are conservative and only 14% admit to being liberal. Likewise, a majority of Americans tend to lean just to the right of center, as I proved in this article. So it only makes sense Conservatives should have a voice somewhere. And, since you do see conservative opinion on Fox News, many anchors on the other channels say Fox is conservative. Actually, you will also find an equal number of Conservatives as Liberals as Independents as Libertarians. All political affiliations are represented on this channel. You will also see liberal democrats, moderate democrats, moderate republicans and conservative republicans represented. The news on this channel does seem to be fair and balanced as they claim.

  2. CNN: This is actually a good news channel, but when it comes to opinion they tend to only show the opinions of moderate republicans paired with any kind of democrat. It is for this reason that many conservatives gave up on this network and tuned into Fox. Also, many Independents and Liberals turned this channel off years ago because they like to know what's going on over in the conservative world, and they surreptitiously turned Fox on. The philosophy here is it's better to know all the news even if we don't like it than some of it. Some liberals still think that all the political viewpoints that need to be given a voice are fully represented by CNN. Some people actually call this the independent network. Still, it's not Independents who run the political world, and (unfortunately for Ted Turner) most Independents don't watch the news nor care about it, so that's why Fox kills in the daily ratings.

  3. MSNBC: Well, let it be known that this is now officially the Kieth Oberman Network. The other day I even watched NBC sports and he was a sports commentator. I watched the democrat and republican conventions, and he was the anchor for that. Then, during the presidential debates he was a political commentator because many people said he was too bias to be the official anchor of MSBC (of which he was during the conventions). This is where you go when you want to know what the liberal part of the democratic party is up too. It's kind of their version of Rush Limbaugh, only without the ratings. Heck, even Hardball tends to swing left handed. That only makes sense since Chris Matthews used to work for a democrat.

  4. CBS/ NBC/ABC: I lumped these all into one because who the heck watches them anymore these days. I imagine it's the baby boomers and the parents of baby boomers. The rest of us get our news from the Internet and go to Fox and CNN for opinion. These networks tend to be satellites for the New York Times. If you get that paper, you won't need to watch these three major networks because all they do is spew what the Times already reported. And, of course, we know the Times is yet another satellite of the DNC. So, I suppose these three networks are surrogates for the Times.

  5. PBS: Does anyone really get their news from here? I have yet to find someone who admits to it. So I will have to pass on commenting. Although some of my surrogates tell me this channel is in bed with the DNC too. But I have yet to watch to find out.

That's my humble analysis of TV news. More reporting will come later. Thanks for tuning in.


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