Saturday, January 31, 2009

Here are the 5 biggest democrat fallacies

Just for fun I have listed five of the biggest fallacies democrats keep repeating over and over and over and over and over and over and over again to ad nauseum.

1. You know what frustrates me is when democrats use Bill Clinton's tax hike and the economic boom that followed while he was president as an indicator that tax hikes do work.

Never do they consider the fact that the economy didn't start to boom until after republicans took charge in the House and forced Clinton's hand to sign a tax cut of capital gains. Of course we know from history that capital gains cuts are the best way to get a stagnant economy rolling.

2. And then it was republicans in the House, driven mainly by Gingrich and his contract with America, who pushed for a balanced budget. And yet Clinton takes credit for the balanced budget.

3. Then you have democrats who say that FDR is the one who ended the Great Depression, when we all know from our history books the there were more people on unemployment seven years after he was elected than in 1929. It was the war the ended the Great Depression, not FDR.

4. Democrats like to say Keynesian economics, as proven by FDR, are what makes the economy better. Obama has made this case more than once. However, never once ever has a recession ended because of government spending. Not just in the U.S. history, but world history.

5. Democrats keep saying that the current recession is the worst since Hoover was president. The truth is that there were 10 million people on unemployment when Carter was president, and there was also this problem with stagflation that had people extremely stressed (especially Keynesian economists who said this was impossible).

The funny thing is, just yesterday Obama said the GDP for the 4th quarter was 3.5%, the worse in three decades. Let's see, three decades ago would put us right in 1979.

Hmmmm, who was president in 1979? It was Jimmy Carter. It was Jimmy Carter's recession. By Obama's own admitance (by mistake perhaps) this recession is the worst since Jimmy Carter was president, not Herbert Hoover.

The truth is, the recession of 2009 is not even anywhere near the recession that Ronald Reagan faced in 1982 before he (ahem) cut taxes to stimulate the economy.

Obama said yesterday that the GDP dropped 3.5% in the 4th quarter, which was the worst drop in three decades when the GDP dropped 6.8% in the 1st quarter of 1982.

Likewise, while the GDP was down 3.5% in the 4th quarter it was up 1.5 for the entire year of 2008. In 1982 the GDP was down a whopping 6.8%.

Of course we thinkers know why they tell this lie. It's because everyone knows that the 1982 recession ended quickly once RR cut taxes, and that's not what the democrats want to do. They want to increase government like FDR did.

Quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing these fallacies because, well, they aren't true unless you live in some fantasy world.


Freadom said...

Here's another lie: Obama's stimulus package has tax cuts in it. There is no decrease in marginal taxes paid in the plan. What there is is a plan to give checks to people (including people who don't pay taxes), and this is called welfare.

The Intellectual Redneck said...

If this doesn't make you want to fly to Washington and slap your legislator, nothing ever will. Congress gives itself a $93,000 raise to stimulate the economy. It must be nice to have that kind of extra petty cash laying around. Instead of tightening your belt in this recession, wouldn't you like an extra $90,000? Never mind the record deficits. Never mind that ordinary Americans are struggling to pay their bills. Our Congress thinks it is far more important to be able to dole out perks to itself.

Khaki Elephant said...

Fantastic Post!

Democrats love to ignore the economy of the Carter years as if they didn't exist. And Carter is the model for the Obama strategy.