Sunday, February 1, 2009

The conundrum of Jimmy Carter

I have to be honest here and say I really like Jimmy Carter. I think he is an honorable man who really cares for his country. I see this in his conviction and by his humble honesty.

I've also read two of his books -- the Virtue of Aging being his best one -- and think he has some good ideas. However, I'm not saying I agree with all of his political views because I don't.

The one place I think Carter is most flawed is when it comes to the Middle East. He said today on the Today Show that he honestly and truly believes that Hamas means well for it's people and will honor any cease fire agreement and any treaty.

In fact, he said, Hamas honored the last peace treaty "that I negotiated" until Israel attacked Gaza in November.

Um, Mr. Carter, I think you'r an honoable man, but you are still naive when it comes to foreign affairs. Israel has no reason to attack Gaza. There is nothing in Gaza that Israel wants or needs. It's a useless piece of land. It was Hamas who attacked Israel. Hamas had been sending missiles into Israel.

Mr. Carter also said that Hamas seeks peace for it's people. Oh, come on Mr. Carter, you can't possibly still believe that. Hamas, andthe Palestinians do not seek peace with Israel. They seek only to destroy them.

If they sought piece Afafat would have signs the Camp David Accords, where Israel had agreed to give the PLO everything it wanted in exchange for peace.

They may feign interest in peace, but they have never and will never agree to peace with Israel. The only way peace will ever be obtained there is if Israel is allowed to destroy it's enemies.

Still, I still like Jimmmy Carter. Unlike Bill Clinton, he's the kind of man I'd like to invite to my home to have an intelligent discusion (Carter is Naive, but Clinton can't be trusted).

Unlike Obama, I think Jimmy honestly loves his country.

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Glenna said...

I agree with everything you said here. I completely admire Jimmy Carter as a person and I think he's the ONLY president who has truly put his money where his mouth is. For example, Bill Clinton talks the talk but he's out there building his personal wealth on speaking fees. As is Al Gore. And speaking of Al Gore, I begrudge his nobel peace prize considering he did nothing to "green" up his home until reporters went after him for his hypocrisy. But Jimmy Carter is out there building houses for free, building furniture in his workshop, and teaching Sunday school. He is what he says he is.

But I totally agree that his views on the Middle East are naive. Hamas has never honored a truce, this last one is the perfect example.

Love you're line about you'd invite Jimmy Carter over Bill Clinton to your home for dinner. Totally agree.