Friday, February 13, 2009

Claus Fuchs is the father of the nuclear arms race

In 1941 Claus Fuchs started providing secrets of the A-bomb that was being created by Robert J. Oppenheimer. In 1945 the A-bomb was not only invented, it was used by Truman in an attempt to end WWII -- it worked.

Oppenheimer and one of his helpers, Edward Teller, talked about making a super A-Bomb -- or the mother of all A-bombs -- the H-Bomb. This would be a bomb that would a nuclear fusion reaction the size of 100 A-bombs. It would also have the ability to destroy the earth as we know it.

And, obviously, it created that fear.

In 1945 the Soviets had no A-bombs, and they had absolutely no knowledge of how to build one. For that matter, the only country with this weapon and know-how was the U.S.

Yet, in 1949, the Soviet Union tested an a-bom with success. This made many in the FBI and CIA suspicious that there might be a double agent. Of course that agent turned out to be Fuchs. He, in turn, turned out to be the most disastrous spy in the history of civilization. It was because of Fuchs that we had the Cold War.

It was because of Fuchs that we had the arms race. And it was because of Fuchs that the war for peace was no longer an attempt to decrease arms, but to increase them.

Oppenheimer did not want to build the H-Bomb. While he was adviser to the president on nuclear policy, he advised Truman not to go through with it. He said he did not want any part of something that may end of destroying man kind as we know it.

Truman rejected Oppenheimers suggestion. Truman, wisely, believed if the U.S. did not develop the H-Bomb first and become efficient at using it before the Soviets, then the Soviets will have the upper hand. The U.S. cannot afford for that to happen.

So, he hired Teller to build the H-Bomb. Teller was more than eager. And he succeeded. And, shortly thereafter, the Soviets had an H-Bomb too. And it was in the early 50s that the soviets became the first to drop an H-bomb from a plan. Shortly thereafter the U.S. did the same.

In 1949 Fuchs was busted. In fact, he actually turned himself in to clear his conscience. But the damage was done. He, in turn, was the father of the nuclear race that we are still apart of today. Fuchs was the reason that we MUST stay ahead of the game in the arms race.

Lord knows had the Soviets had the upper hand, they would have destroyed the U.S. They tried in 1942, but thanks to a double agent who was on our side, that war was averted. And, like the Soviets, if the Iranians or the terrorists had the upper hand, the U.S. would be no more.

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