Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joseph McCarthy was right after all

Joseph McCarthy said in the early 1950s that he suspected there were over 50 Soviet/ communist sympathisers in the FDR and Truman White House. He was laughed at and scorned to an early death.

The media still talks about McCarthy in a nagative way.

In 1991, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the U.S. released secret documents it didn't want to release during the Cold War for fear of hurting any efforts of winning the Cold War. These secret documents were the Vinona Accords.

The Vinona Accords showed -- proved -- that not only was McCarthy right about there being 50 soviet spies working for the FDR/ Truman administrations, there was over 300 spies.

Still, you don't hear much about this outside the conservative sphere. This is just more proof of how powerful the liberal media was before the end of the Fairness Doctrine.

One can only wonder how many communist sympathizers are working in Washington in 2009. The way our government is headed, it appears there may be lot more than 300.


john said...

He was a drunk who died of alcholism. He was paranoid and an attention seeker. And he was exposed by good and honest Americans. What's your excuse?

Anonymous said...

"I believe that the Council on Foreign Relations and its ancillary elitist groups are indifferent to communism. They have no ideological anchors. IN THEIR PURSUIT OF A NEW WORLD ORDER, THEY ARE PREPARED TO DEAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE WITH A COMMUNIST STATE, A SOCIALIST STATE, a democratic state, a monarchy, an oligarchy - its all the same to them.

"THEIR GOAL IS TO impose a benign stability on the quarreling family of nations through merger and consolidation. THEY SEE THE ELIMINATION OF NATIONAL BOUNDARIES, THE SUPPRESSION OF RACIAL AND ETHNIC LOYALTIES, as the most expeditious avenue to world peace. They believe economic competition is the root cause of international tension.

"Perhaps if the council's vision of the future were realized, it would reduce wars, lessen poverty and bring about a more efficient utilization of the world's resources. To my mind, THIS WOULD INEVITABLY BE ACCOMPANIED BY A LOSS IN PERSONAL FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF THE RESTRAINTS THAT PROVOKED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.
Barry Goldwater

John ... thanks to people of your mind set ... soon this once GREAT country will be known as the USSA ... United SOCIALIST States of America ... Mr. Joe was RIGHT!

Steven said...

I had a opportunity to talk to Joe Farah of WND today. I complimented him for the articules in his whistleblower publication for July entitled "Soft Tyranny". I commented to Mr. Farah that Joe McCarthy was right. However he was also wrong, there were probably closer to 300 communist, not the 50 that he estimated in the government.He did not realize the power they already had.

It has been a fifty year revolution for the Maxists and they are out in the open now with very few to oppose them.They control the government, the courts, the education system, academia, the media, and yes, even the churches for the most part.It is a dark hour.

I don't know if American have it in them to rebel against this tyranny. Most don't even know it exists.

Freddy said...

Drunk, I be one also if I knew what he did and couldn't do anything about it. These communist are like Marx and Linen Jews that aren't content with others being free when THEY can control worlds, wealth, and power. Hellywood and the Media are infested with these lousy pukes.