Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Democrats get to decide what is "more fair."

It is fair that a ball player makes more money than the owner, because the ball player does something that no one else can do.

It is fair that a college coach makes more than the college president because anyone can be a college president.

It is fair that one person has a billion dollars, when every other person in America has that same opportunity.

It doesn't matter what color or creed you are, nor where you come from, we all have equal opportunities to succeed.

And that is why when Tim Geitner goes off explaining the Obama tax plan as such: "(It's) a deep moral imperative to make our society more fair."

It is not up to Geitner, nor Obama, nor any other American to decide what is fair or not. In fact, that is completely unconstitutional. Yet that is exactly what the democrats are doing as they propose raising taxes on the rich in order to redistribute them to the poor.

If the democrats want to raise taxes on the rich and give them to the poor because they think that's sound economic policy, fine. But to justify it by claiming it will make society "more fair" is simply ridiculous.

Besides, it certainly isn't fair for that rich person. And it certainly isn't fair for the person who has ambitions to be rich, or to move up one more income bracket.


Khaki Elephant said...

And it's beautiful poetry that only a Democrat could dream up where Geitner the tax-cheat lectures us about what's fair concerning tax policy.

Z said...

Great post..clear, true. Thanks, Freadom!

Khaki's right, too...OH, the irony.
You know, I think people are waking up to obama...don't look now, but even libs aren't real happy! I'm actually optimistic tonight.

This could get VEDDY INTERESTING!!