Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creating the perfect candidate for president

My son is really, really, really brilliant. In fact, I might be safe in saying he is a genius. Last time we had it checked his teacher had to stop the I.Q. test due to lack of time, and his I.Q was up to 190. He's 10-years-old by the way.

He's got this project going in the basement. He keeps borrowing my tools and I keep hearing these drilling, clinking, banging and... well, this other noise I can't quite describe.

One day I asked him what he's up to. He said:

"Dad, what I have here is a machine. By using this machine I plan on creating the perfect president. All you have to do is help me program what it says. So, can you please help me out."

I said, "You're the genius. Don't you think you should know what to say."

He said, "Dad, silly you. Part of being smart is knowing what we are not good at. You have far more experience than me, and your readers at may have more experience than you. So perhaps you can work together with them to create the perfect words for my perfect candidate."

"Sounds like a good deal," I said.

Our ideal candidate probably won't win because he's not going to say things just to get people to throw money at him (or her. My brilliant son hasn't told me yet what the sex will be).

He's also not going to support things we don't agree with just to gain more votes.
He's going to be programmed honest and that's it.

I haven't written it yet, but I think my first speech is going to be something like this:

(First I look right into the camera, or right at my audience, and I say...)

"The Obama administration -- particularly Obama himself -- thinks that you are stupid and not capable of making it on your own. They think that the only way you can succeed in this world is with the support of the government. And that is the reason they keep raising taxes and spend your well earned money like you wouldn't believe.

My fellow Americans. I announce today my candidacy for president of these here United States. I want you all to know that you are not stupid. You, and you, and you (He points to various members of the audience) are all smart and fully capable of making something of yourself. And it is my job, as your president, to create an environment for you to succeed -- if you make the effort."
Well, that's how I would start it anyway. Come on and help me out here. No rush, because we have plenty of time before we have to finish this "project."

Later on we can work on programming the different stances on all the issues of the day.


namaste said...

yes, he is smart. it's awesome when kids think outside of the box.

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