Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Newt will look bright on top the GOP ticket

I have been thinking lately who I would like to see run for president in 2012. I have decided that Mitt Romney would be a good pick. Sometimes I wonder if he had been chosen as the VP by McCain that McCain would have won. I say this mainly due to Romney's economic experience.

But I think that Romney was probably offered the position and he denied it because he figured the momentum was on the democratic corner and it was pretty much obvious the American people wanted a change in parties. So if he wasn't the Presidential candidate he didn't want to proceed as the "voted out" VP.

Romney isn't the great speaker and motivater we need, but he is presidential material. He is a smart man who actually would make a good president. He is not some "chump" picked out for his appeal. Which (no offense) is what I think was the reason behind the Palin pick. She was not the ideal candidate, but she looked pretty alongside McCain (no pun intended).

I think Palin would make a very motivational presidential candidate some day, but I think she would be best put on the waiting block. I think she needs to do what Newt Gingrich has done the past 15 or so years and stay involved in the political arena despite the fact he is not in politics.

Newt has continued to work with Congress. He has created a website and an organization pend on creating ideas to move America forward.

Let me sidetrack a second here. I always thought Bush was a smart man, but many times you didn't get that impression by listening to him. Many times I'd watch one of his speeches and pray he didn't say something stupid. The same was true of Palin.

McCain is another man (like Romney) who's intelligence and experience alone would make him a good president, but he is too old now and he is also not a great motivator and speaker (despite the record crowd at the last convention).

Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, is a great motivational speaker. And he has a plethora of wisdom, education, and is quick whited enough to always have a good response. Never have I seen him stutter or search for an answer. He is not only appealing he is smart.

Yes. I have decided if Newt ran for president in 2012 he would be someone I would get excited about. Not only is he a man of principal, he is a man who has always been consistent and true to his word.

If Obama continues to drive his liberal agenda... If the economy continues to stay stagnant or crumble further (something we all hope doesn't happen)... If confidence in this nation continues to be low. If the war on terror worsens...

Newt will look bright on top the GOP ticket

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DB said...

I would never vote for either of them, but I will say that Newt and Romney would at least be respectable candidates who the general public can take seriously. I may not see eye to eye with either of them, but I can easily see them as my president as they seem presidential. On the other hand, I cannot take Palin, Jindal, Huckabee, and a couple others seriously. I barely see them as Governor material let alone presidential. The GOP needs a serious candidate with a serious approach. Newt and Romney fit that bill.