Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The battle of Rush -vs- dems heats up

I'm enjoying the feud between democrats and Rush Limbaugh. I'm not sure on what grounds the dems are attacking Rush and I don't really care. But I happened to listen to Rush for all of five minutes today, and he was slamming democrats.

Rush had a good point. Democrats are responsible for people who couldn't afford mortgages getting into houses they couldn't afford (can you say Barny Frank?), and Democrats are resonsible for paying the mortgages of these people with yours and my money.

And now you have Obama telling GM's presidnet he has to step down. And you had dems working on laws that U.S. companies cannot give people who work for them bonus checks, and then they want to go beyond that and say no company, not even those who did not get bailout checks, can give bonus checks to those who work for them.

And now you have dems in the house voting to control the pay of the people who work for the auto dealers. And now you have these auto dealers who were bailed out with our money offering to pay our car payment if we lose our jobs.

But with whose money are they going to pay these car payments? Mine? Yours? Rush Limbaughs?

This is exactly the kind of stuff Rush wanted to see fail. The government sucks at running businesses (see welfare, social security and medicaid). Now they think they can run the auto industry, and whatever other industry they plan on taking over, or obama plans on taking over.

This is socialism. It must fail. Obama must fail in his attempt to take over the markets.

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