Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama's naive view of WOMD scary

Too bad I don't have as much time as I used to to write about politics, because there certainly is a lot to write about. Like today I just saw on TV that Obama said to Europeans that he wants to end the world of nuclear weapons.

To me that's about as naive as thinking that more gun laws will rid the world of guns. Imagine for a second Obama succeeded at making it nearly impossible for people like you and me to get guns. Say he succeeded in making guns illegal.

Well, guess what. Good guys like you and me may not be able to buy a gun, but bad guys will still be able to get a hold of illegal ones. And, assume even further that there were no guns in the world. People who want to kill will simply resort to knives.

So say Obama succeeds in getting rid of all European and U.S. nuclear weapons. You'd still have people who hate the U.S. -- like Iran and terrorists -- who will do everything in their power to find or create nukes of their own.

Oh, wait! Liberals think the reason people hate us is because of all the power we flaunt. Well, Obama, guess what? Nations hated us long before nukes were invented.

And, since the good guys have no nukes, that would give those bad guys a heck of a lot of power.

How the heck does Obama think the U.S. won the cold war anyway. It certainly wasn't by sending flowers to the U.S.S.R. No. It was by starting an arms race that a communist nation could not possibly win.

Likewise, by building up our war arsenal, no other sane leader would dare mess with the U.S.

Yet Obama wants to dumb down our military, and get rid of all nukes. Sure it sounds like a good idea on the surface. It might make some people feel good, "Yep, we got rid of all nukes."

But such naive thinking will not get rid of all the bad guys. Such naive thinking will do the world no justice. It's true: Obama's navie view of nuclear power is scary.

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