Thursday, April 16, 2009

A grassroots movement is brewing

Like in 1773 when the chant was "no taxation without representation," a grass roots anti-big government movement is going on here in the United States -- and it's exciting.

In 1773 King George needed a way to fund all the wars he was fighting, so he decided to tax tea sent to the colonists.

In protest, on December 16, 1773, Samuel Adams of Boston lead the charge to the Boston Tea Party.

In this anti-government protest, the colonists dressed up like Indians and boarded the British ship delivering the tea. So they wouldn't have to pay the tax, they dumped the tea in the water.

This lead to the Intolerable Acts which prevented all trade in Boston's port and they made it illegal for colonists to have town meetings. They also passed the Quartering Act in 1774, which forced colonists to allow British soldiers into their homes. Ultimately, this lead to the War of Independence.

A new Independent nation was formed as a method of escaping tyranny and a large bureaucrat. Slowly since FDR was elected president the government in the U.S. has been growing.

Up until the bailouts people tolerated all the wasteful government, but the bailouts and Obama's latest budget were the last straws. They in essence woke up the sleeping dragons, and -- we hope -- started a new anti-government movement.

While some in the elite media claim the 2009 tea parties are a conservative and republican movement, polls show 30% of the protesters are democrats and 30% independent. This is a modern day populist movement; a movement of the people.

You have moms, dads and good people like you and me fed up watching their hard earned money thrown away through increased taxes, increased spending and irresponsible bailouts.

They are also tired of entitlements, as people like you and me who work hard and are responsible with our money have to pay the taxes and the mortgages of people who were irresponsible with their money.

And, no, this is not just an attack on the Obama administration as the excessive government spending and bailouts were started during the Bush administration. Yet, while George Bush oversaw a doubling of the national debt, Obama is leading the charge as that debt is tripling.

The protests today were done because people are simply tired of an out of control government. This is their way of saying they are tired of it, and that they demand a government that is fiscally responsible.

People are angry because businesses owners are held hostage by high taxes, and are not able to hire more workers as a result, nor to expand. In this way, the escalating government is holding hostage the American workforce.

High taxes and regulations are the exact reasons Michigan, California and New York are nearing economic ruin, as people are finding it nearly impossible to stay in business under these conditions, and they are leaving to more corporate friendly states.

This is happening as many states have increased entitlements to the poor so much that they can no longer afford them, so they have to increase taxes.

Some states have increased the sales tax, some beer tax, cigarette taxes, homeowners tax, some states are increasing taxes on those making over $60,000, increasing the corporate tax and, as a result, people are leaving those states, which takes away jobs and tax revenue.

People that believe in a smaller government have a valid point, as if you or I were in debt we would have no choice but to cut spending and be more responsible with our money.

Yet, while it appears only Fox news sees this as a newsworthy event, the debate should be respected by all media outlets regardless of their political affiliation.

And the good folks that vote in 2010 and 2012 will decide the future of this nation.

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