Thursday, April 16, 2009

Socialist liberals don't want our voices heard

Communism and socialism fail every time it's ever been tried because it provided no incentive for the little folks to get up and make an effort to improve their lives. It also fails because in order for it to succeed the voices of opposition (capitalists) have to be silenced.

A person I work with told me people should take an intelligence test on the issues before they vote. "Too many people," he said, "vote in this country who have no clue what they are even voting for."

I said, "Isn't that the purpose of living in a democracy, that everyone has a voice. That no one is held under the hand of tyranny. Isn't that the whole reason the founding fathers left the Mother Country, and why they formed a United Nation."

Personally, I think that if everyone studied they'd all vote for the most traditional, conservative candidate. I think he thinks the opposite. So, to stave off either one of us having a tyranny, everyone in America has a equal right to vote. That's why the Constitution was agreed upon as such.

I think my liberal friend is an elitist who thinks he knows what's best for everyone. He's arrogant, as the liberal media is elitist and arrogant. They think they know what's best for everyone. They don't even respect the constitution, as they know better than even the founding fathers who wrote the Constitution.

That is why the left does everything in it's power to shut out voices of opposition, which is what would happen if "everyone had to take an IQ test" in order to vote. That's exactly what happens when the U.S. government releases a document from the homeland security department claiming groups organizing from the right are "far right extremists." That's why the folks on the left try to silence voices like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity by re-enacting the fairness doctrine.

It's also why you see more traditional cable news networks covering all the issues from the right and the left, and why other media outlets, particularly the mainstream media of the major newspapers and the big three networks, shun out the right. This was proven yesterday when only one network covered the anti-tax tea parties in a "fair and balanced' way.

Media outlets have a Constitutional right to be bias, as all Americans have a Constitutional right to be stupid and to vote for the wrong person if that so happens to be the case. And so are attempts to shut out the competition.

CNN's bias coverage of the tea party protests is Constitutional. MSNBC's going out and calling the tea parties "idiotic" is Constitutional too. But I think it goes further than that. I think this is their fervent attempt at shutting out the voices of opposition.

I think the tea parties was the biggest story of the day yesterday, and for the first time in my adult life I actually see people out protesting something I ardently believe in -- a smaller and more responsible government. Yet, as I watch the Today show this morning, after I watched that show for over an hour, I heard nothing about what happened -- nothing.

When I watched CNN and MSNBC yesterday the protester were called "idiotic" and CNN even referred to the protesters as teabaggers. For those of you who never went to college and joined a frat, teabagging is giving lip service to someone's crotch, otherwise known as giving a blow job.

And, moments from now as I watch the CBC evening news, I expect the same to be the case. The left wing media does not consider the tea parties important because they do not further the left wing cause. To them, the protesters are nothing more than conservatives angry because Obama won.

The fairness doctrine, making people take a test to vote, are definitely not Constitutional, as they go against the 1st amendment freedom of speech. They also go against the addict that all men must be treated equal, as if some people are allowed to vote and other not some men (and women) are not created equal.

But liberals don't care about the constitution and fairness so long as they get their way. And that is exactly why the liberal press only covers protests that draws in new people to politics when those individuals support a liberal cause.

In a communist and socialist nation the voices of the little people are shunned out. And by the lefts attempt to silence the good folks in this country who do no agree with their big government socialistic agenda being ignored and belittled by the left, this is a perfect example of socialist elitism.

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