Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Obama move, or an Ohhh! Bama move?

This is a new weekly segment where I will analyze the news of the previous week from the Washington and answer the question: was this a smart move that will benefit Americans, or a blunder that will make things worse for us

Since this is the first edition, things discussed in this post may not necessarily be timely:

1. Banks like Chase and Stanley Moragan told the Obama administration they are in sound enough financial tracking to repay their loans. Obama said he wants to make double sure they are sound, and refused to allow them to repay the loans. To me this smells like more socialism, and it's an "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Bama move

2. North Korea launched a missile to taunt the Obama administration by saying, "Hey, don't forget about us!" Then Obama delayed in doing anything, and when he called for useless U.N. to do something, the defunct organization gave North Korea a verbal "You guys need to sssstop it." That is, no resolution; no spanking; not even a slap on the wrist. And, therefore, basically nothing done. This is definitely an "Oh, come on," Bama move. And another example of the weakness of liberals in charge of foreign relations.

3. Obama Apologized to Europe for America being too arrogant. This is his feeble attempt to make friends across the ocean. Since America is the nation responsible for those folks over there having what they got, and since America STILL has the best economy EVER, Obama would be all the wiser encouraging the Europeans to be more like America, instead of apologizing for Capitalism. Oh (BAMA), I forgot Oh-Bama is a socialist in disguise who loves the more socialistic Europe.

4. Oh, my! He shook the hand of the self made dictator Hugo Chavez. Nothing like granting creedence to the one man who has said not just bad things about George Bush, but Obama himself. But, then again, Chavez has the "socialistic" power Oh-bama seeks.

The good folks on the View said this was a good thing because you have to find a way to get along with other nations eventually. They said, "Look at Germany, Japan and even Communist Vietnam. While we were enemies once, we get along pretty well now. We can't live like we did the last eight years (a slam on Bush) forever."

This is true, but all of those nations have taken steps to show willingness to conform at least to a certain extent. In the cases of Japan and Germany, both nations endorsed democracy. Hugo Chavez is going in the direction of totalitarianism and tyranny.

Likewise, shaking his hand also hurts the cause of the Chavez opposition in Venezuela.

In my opinion, this was an Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-Bama move!

5. He went to Mexico in an attempt to curb U.S. weapons from getting to Mexico. This was definitely an Obama smart move. Any effort to curb violence at the border, an attempt to stabilize our poverty stricken neighbor, has got to be good.

6. Obama made a gallant effort in rescuing the pirated captain who was held captive by the pirates of Somalia. This was definitely a gallant effort, and a brilliant move by the Obama administration.

7. He released tapes showing interrogation methods (water boarding) of of War on Terror prisoners during the years of the Bush administration. Why not just release the rest of the top secret military information to give the terrorists a heads up. Oh (wait, Obama doesn't believe their are terrorists) BAMA!

Interrogation methods are needed to to gain information regarding future terror attempts by terrorists.

8. He called for the closing of Gitmo by the end of the year. Of course, now he is looking for a home to all the prisoners there. Why not... um.... Gitmo?. Ohhh Bama

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