Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson was a blind genius

Some people are missing love and happiness so much they try to find it through other people and things, and what they realize is they never quite find it. I think Michael Jackson had that kind of life.

I think he was a person a head of his time. He was a great man. He was the Socrates of his generation. He had a miserable childhood, yet even in his childhood he lived the dream he never saw. He had it all up on that stage, and he was the star he never saw.

He had the money to buy everything he ever wanted, and yet he never found the happiness he was looking for in his childhood. Yes, in a way he lived his childhood dream as an adult, and yet he never found happiness.

He morphed his body into what he became mainly because he flaunted the money and doctors didn't do the ethical thing and tell the young man, "No." I think that was the main problem with Mr. Jackson, the King of Pop. He was a genius, yet he surrounded himself with flawed men.

His was a big man, even bigger in my opinion than Elvis, as he set the stage for many of the musicians we listen to on a daily basis today. And yet to find true happiness he had to resort to material things. When he never found happiness there, he resorted to drugs, the same way Elvis did.

And I don't know nor care that he ever did anything illegal, and in a country as great as ours I think we should all be inclined to agree that he is innocent of all the charges thrown at him, especially the great speculation that he was on some sort of drugs, and that is what killed the King.

He created the ultimate land for his happiness that he called Neverland, and he left it a few years ago because he learned that this place did not bring him happiness at all, but total misery as it resulted in accusation after accusation that he was using his dream home as a lure for little boys. Yes, it is nothing but speculation.

As I wrote a few words ago, I think Michael Jackson was a great man, a man ahead of his time. I don't' think he meant any harm to any boy, he merely wanted to make sure every child had an opportunity to have a wonderful childhood -- something he claims he did not have.

He wanted every child to find happiness, something he never found. Yet, if he had looked, he had it all along all around him, as millions flocked to him and thought of him as a god. He had three little ones running around his home. He had himself.

I told my boy just yesterday that one of the greatest lessons we learn from men that are treated like gods like Elvis and Jackson is fame brings great power and popularity, but power does not bring happiness, and popularity is the hardest thing in the world to maintain.

Michael was a genius, yet he wasn't smart enough to respect himself and his wallet. In a sense, like many popular people, he was a blind genius.

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Anthony Palmer said...

I really appreciated this post, Freadom. Very original thoughts and respectfully written.