Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's time for U.S. action in Iran

I'm siting here listening to a lady on CNN who just watched the Iranian government torture and maim Iranian people who were protesting in the streets for their freedom.

Her voice was shaken, "They are taking axes and sticking them in the hearts of young men.... young men who just want freedom like you...please..," she pleaded, "please come and do something. Please, I beg you, please come and help us."

Republican Senators have been calling on Obama to condemn these actions since the elections, and it wasn't until yesterday that Obama finally said he believes the elections were not right. So, one reporter said, "What took you so long."

To that, Obama said, "I have been consistent all along."

Obama, in a speech today, finally said he condemns the actions of the Iranian government, but he added, "I don't think people understand how hard is to use diplomacy."

I personally do not think the U.S. government should go into Iran to fight Iran's fights. I think it is the responsibility of Iranians to fight for the Iranians, and that is what they are doing. What the United States should do is support the insurgents in Iran. Obama needs to send people into Iran to encourage them, to teach them how to make the transition and form their own democracy.

Yet Obama seems to be more interested in keeping the door open to a radical Muslim regime that, as the lady mentioned above, "Is like Hitler. What is going on here is like Hitler. It's torture. Help! Help! Why don't you guys help us!"

While I don't think it is the role of the U.S. to fight Iran's wars, I do think this is the job of the U.N. However, since the U.N. is a useless body, I think the U.S. should step in and protect the people of Iran who want to fight for their God given rights.

I have a feeling that neither Obama nor the U.N. will do anything here because they are more interested in keeping up their poll numbers and appeasing terrorist regimes with the hopes keeping open the doors of diplomacy open, rather than doing what is right.

The regime that is in power in Iran right now has already proven it will not negotiate, and will not be reasonable. It is time the U.S. back the Iranian's fighting for their freedom, for a free Iran would mean a stabilized Middle East.

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