Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iranian freedom fight direct result of Bush policy

You have to believe that what is going on in Iran right now is a direct result of George W. Bush's foreign policy. It was Bush who almost single handedly helped the Iraqi people to form a democracy and stable nation.

While Iranians do not allow supporters of the new Iraqi democracy into this country for fear his people might see what it is like to be free, you know some do. You know there are free Iraqi's in Iran who show the Iranians what it is like to be able to speak freely, and protest without fear of the government killing you like what is going on in Iran today.

I remember when liberals were chanting how evil the war in Iraq was, and conservatives like me confirmed the idea that if a stable democracy can be formed in Iraq neighboring nations will see this and they themselves will want to be free (I wrote about this here way back on January 1, 2008).

Here is part of what I wrote:
In essence, whether you agree or not that the Iraq war was necessary in the first place, us keeping that nation stable has now become of vital importance to maintaining peace and stability in that region. And, if that region is secure, so
too will be our nations.

Thus, the ultimate strategy of the Bush foreign policy is create a stable Iraq. Once a stable Iraqi democracy is formed, people of neighboring nation like Iran and Syria will see what it is like to live in freedom, and will wish to have that for themselves.

And, thus, the ultimate goal is a free and stable Middle East.

After all the Bush hating, Bush lied rhetoric, one who has supporting the efforts in Iraq and our President W. all along can't help feeling some solace here.

True believers in the passage that there has only been one war in the history of the world between two democratic nations should also feel solace and hope for a democracy in Iran. And this is why our President should fully support the Iranian freedom fight.

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